Russian President Vladimir Putin signed the law on ratification of agreement between Russia and Syria on the indefinite deployment of Russian air group in Syrian territory free of charge. Two days earlier, a document ratified by the Federation Council.

Putin has signed the Federal law “On ratification of the Agreement between the Russian Federation and the Syrian Arab Republic on the placement of the aviation group of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation on the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic”, said the press service of the Kremlin. The document was adopted by the state Duma on October 7, 2016 and approved by the Federation Council on 12 October 2016.

An agreement on the deployment of the air group was signed between Russia and Syria August 26, 2015 in Damascus, even before the official beginning of the Russian operation in Syria. The text of the agreement announced on 14 January 2016 on the official portal of legal information, but then it was not about to ratify the agreement. 29 July 2016, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev ordered to submit to the President the document to the head of state made it for ratification to the state Duma. Putin on 9 August 2016 introduced a law on ratification for consideration by the lower chamber.

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The agreement regulates the conditions of stay of the Russian aviation group in Syria. According to the document, the group is in Syria at the request of the Syrian side. She is stationed at the airfield Hamim in Latakia province in perpetuity and free of charge.

The air group is determined by the Russian side in coordination with the Syrian. Air group of the Russian Federation shall be applied in accordance with the decision of the commander on the plans agreed upon by the parties.

Russia is entitled to bring into the territory of Syria weapons, ammunition, equipment and materials necessary to perform the tasks of the group and to ensure the safety and life of the personnel without charging any fees. The personnel of the Russian air group receives the right to freely cross the border of Syria, according to the documents, valid for travel from Russia, and is not subject to the Syrian border inspection and customs authorities.

In addition, the personnel of the air group, including family members, receives immunities and privileges, by analogy with representatives of the diplomatic corps. Aviation group is exempt from all direct and indirect taxes, but also enjoys full immunity from civil and administrative jurisdiction of Syria.

Movable and immovable property, archives and documents of the Russian air group is untouchable. Vehicles and aircraft of the Russian Federation, used in the interests of the Russian aviation group, shall be immune from inspection, search, requisition, arrest and other coercive measures.The Syrian side makes no claims of Russia, its air group and its personal composition and does not excite them against any lawsuits in connection with their activities, the document says.

The agreement is for an indefinite period. Its use is terminated at the expiration of one year from the date of receipt of the notification by one of the parties on intention to terminate the agreement. Financing of expenses for realization of the agreement will be implemented within the means of the Federal budget allocated to the defense Ministry for the year, noted in the Kremlin.

On the eve of The Wall Street Journal, citing a senior diplomatic source in the EU said that the European Union countries due to the deterioration of the situation in the Syrian city of Aleppo, where the West accuses Russia plan next week to discuss the possible introduction of new sanctions against Russia. According to the WSJ, the expansion of restrictive measures will concern Russian officials, which would make the black list of the European Union. if the bombing of Aleppo continues, serious attention to the issue of sanctions will be given on October 17 during a meeting of foreign Ministers of the EU countries. However, to claim any limitation in the course of the meeting is not planned.

Meanwhile, on 15 October in Lausanne can be held talks on the situation in Syria between Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and his American counterpart John Kerry. About a possible meeting reported yesterday, state Department spokesman John Kirby. However, Agency staff noted that such negotiations cannot be considered a resumption of bilateral contacts with Russia on the Syrian ceasefire.

Recall, October 3, the state Department announced that the US cease negotiations with Russia on the settlement of the situation in Syria and withdraw its personnel who were involved in the creation of a Joint Executive center. Washington will retain Moscow’s only military contacts to avoid conflicts with air operations in Syria. USA explained the decision unwillingness of Russia to influence the Syrian regime to coordinate action, and continuing with the Syrian videoconferencing bombing of civilian targets.

Putin ratified the agreement on the permanent deployment of Russian air group in Syria 14.10.2016

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