The daughter of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin does not deal with politics and the “no big business”, but only “science and education”. This he said in an interview with American Director Oliver stone, who took Putin four-part documentary. The show first series was held on Monday evening, June 12, on the cable channel Showtime.

According to Putin, is that his views on some things are sometimes different from the views of his daughters. “But we’re not arguing, we are likely to discuss,” – said the Russian leader. Excerpts from the film of stone’s published on the page of the channel in YouTube.

Putin also said that concern for his family at first prevented him from becoming Prime Minister under Yeltsin. “When Yeltsin offered it to me for the first time, I refused. It’s right in my office invited me, said that he would like to appoint me as Prime Minister and wish I were running for President. I said that is a very big responsibility, it can change my whole life and I’m not sure I’m ready for it”, – quotes words of the head of the Russian state Agency TASS.

The President added that he “didn’t know what the final plans for me President Yeltsin” and feared that “at any second can come and say, free.” “And I thought of only one thing – somewhere to hide children,” he explained.

Putin also said in an interview about their grandchildren. In addition, he saidthat the United States used the Chechen terrorists to destabilize the political situation in Russia.

Oliver stone’s “Interview with Putin” was filmed over two years. During this time the Director spent with the President of Russia a series of interviews that formed the basis of the tape.

The premiere of the film took place in the broadcast American TV channel Showtime on the night of 13 June. In Russia, stone’s film will be shown in the First channel c, 19 to 22 June.

As said before the premiere, the press service of the Showtime, the last time stone spoke with Putin in February of this year, and no subject was taboo. Earlier, the Russian leader is very poorly commented on issues regarding his family or personal life.

So, in 2011, at a meeting with journalists of the First channel, he saidthat one of his daughters is studying biology, second Japanese language and history. Then Putin did not spread relatively grooms daughters, saying that “they are all okay with that”, and then generally interrupted questioning, stressing that he does not want to do daughters “participants in some public activities”, as they are not engaged in politics or business, and “don’t climb”. In November 2014, the President announced in an interview with TASS that his daughters live in Russia, and he meets them “once or twice a month.”

About Putin’s eldest daughter Maria – the press wrote that she is a PhD candidate in the Endocrinology research center in Moscow, which conducts charitable program “alpha-Endo” to help children with endocrine diseases. It was also alleged that the eldest daughter of Putin married to a Dutch citizen Yorita of Fassino.

The youngest daughter of the President of the international agencies Reuters and Bloomberg called Katerina Tikhonov, who is the Director of Fund “Inpractice”. In 2015-2016, the organization received more than 877 million rubles from Rosneft, Transneft and Rosatom. In the past year, the Fund concluded contracts for the sum of 241 million roubles, and by may 2017 in the company’s portfolio there were two contract 142,6 million. In addition, the Fund participates in the scientific and technological valley of the Moscow state University, the cost of which was previously estimated at 110 billion roubles.

Recently it became knownthat the Fund Catherine Tikhonova registered a subsidiary affiliated company “national Association of technology transfer”. It is expected that the new organization will be engaged in legal support of technology transfer, training and information support.

Putin said that his daughters are not engaged in politics and the “no big business” 13.06.2017

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