Aircraft special flight detachment “Russia” serving the first persons of the state, connected to the export of passengers “VIM-Avia”. September 29, the two Tu-214 plane LAYER will remove passengers from Antalya, Turkey, reported RIA “Novosti” press Secretary of the President administration of the Russian Federation Elena Krylova.

“Special flight detachment “Russia” on behalf of the President of Russia will send two planes Tu-214 in Antalya for transporting passengers of airline “VIM-Avia” – said Krylov. According to her, one side took off at 13:00 Moscow time, the second departure at 18:00.

The aircraft will be serviced in Vnukovo airport, said the Agency interlocutor. Also to the carriage of passengers “VIM-Avia” connected S7, “Aeroflot” and other companies, according to TASS, the Advisor to the head of Federal air transport Agency Sergei isvolsky.

“As for flights from Antalya, today there will fly and “VIM-Avia” (the blank side, back – loaded), also take out passengers from Antalya with Ural airlines, Royal Flight, Air Azur. “Urals” still trafficked people from Barcelona, ЕllinAir – from Thessaloniki, Turkish Global Atlas – from Antalya to Samara is planned today,” he said.

Earlier, transport Minister Maxim Sokolov said the evacuation of tourists out of Antalya, Turkey’s main priority. For these purposes, will involve six sides flights “VIM-Avia” and the two sides of third-party companies.

Note that Putin himself visited in Turkey. However, with the crisis in “VIM-Avia” it is not connected – the President held talks with Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Note also that, according to some, Turkey can be and the owner of “VIM-Avia” Rashid Mursekaev. According to SK, after a collapse in the company he and his wife escaped from Russia.

According to the Ministry of transport, in just the last day transported nearly 4 million customers, “VIM-Avia”. More than 2 thousand boards transported by the airline, 1,25 thousand in other Russian airlines, 548 passengers of foreign air carriers.

On September 29 of 36 scheduled flights “VIM-Avia”: 22 regular and Charter 14. 16 is an internal scheduled flights, six – and 14 international scheduled international Charter flights.

Before the government allocated Rosaviation 98 million rubles for the maintenance of aircraft “VIM-Avia”, including payment of fuel and airport services ground handling and flight support. According to the decree, signed by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, the funds will be allocated from the Reserve Fund. The total debt of the airline “VIM-Avia” for work, services, fuel, airport and ground support equipment is about 1.3 billion.

The airline “VIM-Avia” on September 25 announced the termination of all chartered flights due to financial problems and shortage of working capital. This was preceded by a series of delays in the Russian and foreign airports.

Special flight detachment “Russia” was founded in April 1956. He’s stationed on the territory of Vnukovo airport and provides air transport of the first officials of Russia, including the President, Prime Minister, head of the Federation Council and the state Duma, Chairman of the constitutional court, the Prosecutor General, the head of the Investigative Committee.

In 1963, by order of the authorities at Vnukovo airport built the terminal of Vnukovo-2, which still sends and receives government flights. Park Taskforce consists of several tens of aircraft.

Last spring it became known that against the leadership of the SLO initiated a criminal case. The Director General of SLO Jaroslav Odintsev was sent under house arrest. Instead of Odintseva in place of the acting chief of the aircraft division, was appointed Deputy Director General of SLO Andrei Tyurin. In August of this year it became known that he was also arrested on charges of fraud.

Putin sent to help the passengers, “VIM-Avia” their planes 29.09.2017

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