Russian President Vladimir Putin of Russia signed a decree declaring the disciplinary sanctions of the Minister of transport Maxim Sokolov at the invitation of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. It follows from the text of the documentpublished on the official portal of normative legal acts on September 29 – the day of birth Sokolov, who today marks 49 years.

The decree is dated 28 Sep. “Agreeing with the present (…) the proposal of the President of the Russian Federation government on the announcement of disciplinary penalties the Minister of transport of the Russian Federation decrees: to announce disciplinary action in the form of incomplete official conformity to the Minister of transport of the Russian Federation Sokolov M. Yu. this decree shall enter into force on 28 September 2017,” – said in the text of the decree.

As reported, the reason for the penalties the Minister of transport was the situation with the airline “VIM-Avia”. This week the carrier announced that it had no funds to continue activities and so it ceases to perform Charter flights. It has affected tens of thousands of Russian tourists have been unable to return home.

The solution to this problem has been specially created anti-crisis headquarters with the Federal air transport Agency. It is expected that tourists will return home the aircraft of other airlines.

In fact what is happening around the “VIM-Avia” the Prosecutor’s office began check of activity of the carrier, and the UK opened a criminal case under part 4 of article 159 of the criminal code (“Fraud in especially large size”) concerning the embezzlement of passengers. According to the investigation, from September 22, officials of the airline, knowing about the problems with the funds and not being able to carry passengers, continued to sell tickets on flights. In the end, the user received more than 1 million rubles.

The suspects had been detained the General Director of “VIM-Avia” Alexander Kochnev and chief accountant Ekaterina Panteleeva. Meanwhile, the owners of “VIM-Avia” Rashid and Svetlana Mursekaev, according to the UK, left the borders of Russia and abroad.

On Wednesday, Putin criticized because of the situation with “VIM-Avia” of the Minister of transport Maxim Sokolov and supervising transport questions Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich. The head of state said Dvorkovich, that he pays insufficient attention supervised the transportation industry, and asked whether it is not overloaded with work. President Sokolov declared incomplete office compliance. He noted that earlier Sokolov declared full compliance “VIM-Avia” all the criteria that apply to airlines. “If you have developed such criteria, what they are, if you can’t see them, what kind of criteria are: criteria corresponds to, and can not work?” – asked Putin.

Putin instructed the head of Ministry of transport “quickly and effectively” to solve the problem and promptly change the principles of regulation of air transportation, the law to strengthen the responsibility of all airlines. Prior to this, tour operators have asked the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. However, according to Putin, to produce “adequate legal regulation” may not for years.

“If you handle this situation quickly and effectively, then we will think about it with Dmitry Anatolyevich (Medvedev) what to do with this service incompetence, if they don’t, then we will also think,” said Sokolov.

The media noted that last year, the political experts are giving Maxim Sokolov, Governor of St. Petersburg is Georgy Poltavchenko. Now, however, they are inclined to believe that this post is disgraced Minister does not Shine. “Such a statement from Putin’s Sokolov eliminates the latter from the list of possible applicants for a post of the Governor of St. Petersburg”, – quotes the opinion of one of experts of IA “REX”.

The same opinion is shared by political analyst Mikhail Vinogradov. He said that criticism of the President position Maxim Sokolov as a possible candidate for the post of Governor of Saint-Petersburg “definitely does not increase”. “In the last year is wave to weaken and discredit almost all important persons. Sokolov has acted for many years emphasized in a comfortable environment – now there’s a train”, – quotes the expert “Kommersant”.

Putin signed a decree on the disciplinary punishment to the Minister to Sokolov because of “VIM-Avia”, listening to Medvedev 29.09.2017

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