Russian President Vladimir Putin during a press conference in Lima spoke about the talks with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and a telephone conversation with the newly elected President of the United States Donald trump. According to the Russian leader, the leadership of these countries ready confirmed the policy of normalizing relations.

So, according to Putin, progress has been made in the discussion of a peace Treaty with Japan. “Various options are possible. I recall that in 1956, was the signing of the agreement between the USSR and Japan, where it was assumed that Japan will be returned to the two Islands. It didn’t say on what basis, under whose sovereignty will remain the two Islands, the terms on which they will be transferred”, – quotes the President TASS.

“We know the position of the Japanese side, which tells about the four Islands. It’s all a subject of our negotiations,” – said Putin, adding that Russia and Japan “want a peace Treaty and are looking for ways how to do it.”

After meeting with Abe on the eve of Putin also noted that relations between Moscow and Tokyo move forward due to the fact that it was resumed some interaction tools.

Pleased with the dialogue and the Japanese Prime Minister Abe. “I welcome that on the eve of your visit to Japan we conducted active contacts on a wide spectrum of work for the preparation is as follows,” he said, referring to Putin. Putin’s visit to Japan scheduled for December 15-16. He should be crowned Japan’s efforts in the framework of the “new approach” to the problem of the southern Kuriles and peace Treaty between the two countries.

Putin also told the contents of a telephone conversation with President-elect trump. “The US President confirmed his intention to normalize U.S.-Russian relations. For my part, I, of course, did the same thing,” – said the Russian leader.

At the same time, the question of specific meeting and about the possible date for the meeting was not discussed, however, the parties came to the conclusion that it would be useful to organize a meeting of Ministers and diplomats, reports “Interfax”.

“Until we see the President-elect is actively involved in forming their own team. So, to say that even the staff will meet in the near future, difficult as the employees it is official did not appear”, – concluded the President.

Telephone conversation trump and Putin took place on November 14. The President congratulated trump on his election victory and wished him success in the implementation of the electoral program, and also reiterated the necessity of dialogue “on the principles of equality, mutual respect and non-interference in the internal Affairs of each other”.

Putin spoke about the prospects of relations with Japan and the United States 21.11.2016

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