The President of Russia Vladimir Putin entered the top 10 most respected people in the world, told the British sociological service YouGov traditional annual survey in 30 countries. The leader of the list for the third year in a row is Microsoft founder bill gates.

After the gates are President Barack Obama, Chinese President XI Jinping and actor Jackie Chan. Fifth in the overall ranking and first in British became a British theoretical physicist and science popularizer Stephen Hawking.

The Russian President was sitting in the sixth spot, beating the Dalai Lama, Prime Minister of India, Narendra modi, the founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg, Chinese entrepreneur Jack MA (founder of Alibaba) and the British ex-footballer David Beckham.

In the past year, Putin has remained outside tens, finishing in 11th place.

The rating of the most respected women topped the U.S. actress and Director Angelina Jolie. Behind him is Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II and a candidate for the U.S. presidency from the democratic party Hillary Clinton.

The survey was conducted in thirty countries. Respondents were asked to answer two questions “who do you admire?” (several variants of answer) and “who do you admire most?” (a definite answer).

World’s most admired 2016: Putin and the Queen up, Pope Francis and Malala down –

— YouGov (@YouGov) 7 may 2016

On the eve of Russian sociologists published a survey on the performance of Putin during his third presidential term. It turned out that the respondents welcomed the military operation in Syria and “the rise of the Crimea”, but they don’t like “Poluchenie standard of living” and that “everywhere send help, while they themselves are barely surviving”. 51% of respondents are unable to indicate specific achievements of the President over the last year. While 38% of respondents said that positive changes occur in the country at the behest of Putin, and for the worse – for reasons beyond his control.

Putin strengthened the position among the most respected world leaders, the survey showed 30 countries 08.05.2016

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