Vladimir Putin announced the intention to make personnel decisions regarding senior officials from the office of the President, various ministries and the Federal security service of the Russian Federation, have become academicians and corresponding members of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) in spite of his request not to combine the civil service and doing science.

At the meeting of the Council on science and education Putin has demanded a response from the head of the RAS Vladimir Fortov, why in spite of the recommendation of the head of the state in the number of academicians were elected officials. The FORTS replied that the applicants met all the requirements, reports TASS.

“So they’re great scientists, right? – said Putin. – I think I’ll have to give them the opportunity to do science, because, apparently, their scientific activity is much more important than the performance of some routine administrative duties in government and governance”.

The President reminded that at the end of last year, he appealed to his colleagues and to the President of the Russian Academy of Sciences “to refrain from participation (officials) in elections of new members of the state academies of Sciences by virtue of the fact that the people who replace the positions in public authorities, especially at the upper levels, occupied or needs to be at least engaged in the service seriously, or they are not able to perform their duties and to engage in scientific research can only free time, which for people who work in good faith in administrative functions they don’t actually have”.

In this regard, according to Putin, “the question is: can they engage in scientific research in full and with the desired result?”

“However, some of our colleagues from the office of the President, the Ministry of education, Ministry of internal Affairs, the Ministry of defence, FSB and some other agencies took part in the election and was elected (RAS)”, – stated Putin.

He turned to Portovo and other members of the RAS with questions: “Why did you do it? They are the major scientists that without them the Academy of Sciences cannot do? And the second question: what do I do now?”

The FORTS replied that all such persons “have said they received permission from their leaders”, but Putin’s answer was not satisfied. “The question was not,” – said the President and asked again: “They are great scientists, that they should be the member of journalist and academics?”

“They deserve that their elected”, – said the head wounds, after which Putin announced the aforementioned staffing decisions anyone in particular without naming.

Russia need to do the center of attraction for the best scientists in the world

At the same meeting, Putin set the task of creating in Russia such conditions, “to make our country one of the centers of attraction for the best scientists from around the world”.

“It is first and foremost about the production of large-scale, interesting scientific problems, run research projects with a long-term horizon of funding,” – TASS quoted him as saying.

In particular, the need to develop efficient mechanisms that have allowed us to attract leading scholars from other countries, in particular the so-called mega-grants, said Putin.

“In the framework of the programme created 200 laboratories, without exaggeration, world-class and the class under the guidance of leading scientists,” the President said, noting that among the participants of this program there is a fellow who for a long time successfully worked abroad.

Mega-grant programme was launched in 2010, its main goal is to bring to Russian universities scientists from around the world, including who went abroad Russians to encourage the inflow of young people into the sphere of science, education and high technologies, to meet rapidly developing in the world and missing in the Russian science competencies and to implement scientific results and developments in the Russian economy.

Putin threatened to resign “great scientist” from the interior Ministry, FSB, Ministry of defense and UDP, which became academics in spite of his request 23.11.2016

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