Russian President Vladimir Putin told the US attacks on Russia in an attempt to distract voters and said he did not want confrontation, reports Reuters. He answered the questions of journalists after the BRICS summit in Goa, also spoke about the broad prospects of military cooperation with India. Journalists of the “Kremlin pool” the President warned of a possible interest from homeland security USA. Counter-sanctions in Russia will not cancel. “Fuck them,” – said the President.

Putin once again rejected the suspicion that Russia is trying to influence the outcome of elections in the United States. He said he was willing to work with any American leader if he would be open to cooperation with Russia. The claims against Russia, which the United States is associated with hacker attacks on the political structure of the Democratic party, explained: “In the election campaign of any current government looks
how to build tactics of the campaign, and any government, especially
the one that goes to the polls, there are always problems unresolved
questions. They need to explain to its population, the voters, why not
done this or that, – quoted Putin “Interfax”. In these circumstances, many have resorted to a scheme developed distract voters from his own problems. In this case, in my opinion, we are seeing. How to do it? To create, for example, the image of the enemy and to unite the nation in the fight against this enemy.”

Putin said that relations with the United States deteriorated “because of the attempts of one side to impose on the world their opinion.” Moreover, according to him, relations began to sour long before the Syria – even in the collapse of Yugoslavia.

The President also said the refusal to remove the introduced Russian “counter-sanctions”. As transfers RIA “news”, he said: “Fuck them.” He stressed that Moscow has no plans of counter-sanctions to punish yourself or someone else, and has introduced restrictive measures where it “was beneficial to this
to do.”

Journalists and the NSA

The Russian President warned journalists of the “Kremlin pool” that they may be of interest to foreign intelligence services. “You are all the development objects of the relevant services,” – said Putin.

Some correspondents smiled, reports TASS. “You laugh in vain, – the President continued. And I’ll tell you why. Because you are carriers of a particular information… You are free to talk on the phone and all bear live, what you think is right. This is of interest,” said Putin. For each such journalist can make a special case to collect and organize information about it. “That’s what the NSA”, he added.

According to him, even the NSA violates American law, listening to citizens without court decisions, but “the Russian (security forces) operate strictly within the framework of the Russian legislation”.

During the President’s response in the room for a moment, the lights went out. “Still listening”, – said Putin.

On the state of privatization of “Rosneft”

Possible redemption of shares of “Rosneft” shareholders of the company will be only an intermediate step in its privatization, Putin said. It is possible to buy part of the company’s shares by foreign investors.

“The question is not whether to provide buy-back to redeem own shares of the company “Rosneft” and leave it at that and go to sleep happily, thinking of nothing, he said. If this is done, it is only as an intermediate step in order to make this true privatization, including attracting strategic investors may be foreign, under the control of the state.”

On the settlement in the Donbass

Putin said hopes for a swift settlement of the situation in the East of Ukraine.

However, he said that the meeting of leaders “channel
four” in Berlin would be appropriate only if their assistants
will be able to achieve the necessary progress, otherwise it will
premature: “We have agreed with the French President and German Chancellor, when
I talked recently on the phone that the meetings in Berlin will be
appropriate, but only if our assistants, who
met, in my opinion, on Saturday and Sunday in Minsk, advanced
the dialogue so far that will give us an opportunity at the summit
level to consolidate these agreements”.

Putin also announced that he was ready to help the revival of the Ukrainian industry: “as for Ukraine, we see what is happening there. Unfortunately, the degradation, what we talked about, is de-industrialization. We at any time once you want to our Ukrainian partners are ready to deploy our needs for the Ukrainian industry, including in the direction of the joint cooperation for the re-equipment of Ukrainian defense and civil industries. But just in case, unless, of course, again, appropriate conditions are our partners.”

The summit of “Normandy four” foreign Ministers scheduled in Berlin on October 19.

Putin told the US attacks on Russia trying to distract voters 16.10.2016

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