President Vladimir Putin spoke at the first meeting of the VII of the State Duma of the Russian Federation. The head of state urged the deputies elected on 18 September, to build a strong Russia, while quoting from the statesman of the Russian Empire Pyotr Stolypin.

“More than a hundred years ago, addressing to deputies of the State Duma, Peter Stolypin said, “We all must unite, to harmonize their efforts, their obligations and rights to maintain the historical, the Supreme law of Russia – to be strong”, – quotes the words of Putin, the website of the Kremlin.

Note that the full phrase Stolypin is: “To protect Russia we all must unite, to harmonize their efforts, their responsibilities and their rights to maintain a historical higher rights of Russia to be strong!”

In April, she mentioned Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev during the report of the government before the state Duma.

“When we remember such words or when formulating them again, we always assume that any people and any country have the same right to be strong,” – said in his speech before members of Putin.

He noted that while Russia will never mean “to be strong” some “great tunes”. “We never, never impose and do not intend to impose. The power of Russia inside ourselves, it’s inside our nation, our people, our traditions and our culture, our economy, our vast territory and natural resources, in the defense, of course. But most importantly – our strength is definitely in the unity of our people”, – said the President.

However, he urged to always remember that power – “this is the most important, perhaps the key condition for the preservation of our statehood, independence and the very existence of Russia as a single common home for all peoples who inhabit it”.

The President warned the MPs about the forthcoming responsible work and asked to start immediately. He also urged the people’s representatives when making important decision-to forget about personal ambitions and party differences, reports “Interfax”.

According to the President, Russia should strengthen security and defense and to defend its position on the world stage. “I hope that Parliament, all the factions will have the necessary political and legislative support,” Putin said.

Commenting on September’s election, the President noted that the electoral campaign was conducted openly, in a fair and competitive fight, the results of the elections based on the will of Russian society. “In the absolute legitimacy of the Parliament – a pledge of strength and authority of the legislative power,” Putin said.

The President also expressed hope for the improvement of the quality of the legislative process in the state Duma of the seventh convocation. “In General, the composition of the State Duma has been noticeably updated. To it came representatives of public, trade Union and local organizations. I am convinced that the result will increase the feedback of the Parliament and the electorate, civil society, regions of the country. And, therefore, will increase the quality of the legislative process”, – Putin said deputies.

He congratulated them with the beginning of work of the State Duma. “I wish you success in serving the people of Russia”, – said Putin, descended from the podium and left the room. The President’s speech lasted about 10 minutes.

Earlier Putin also was seen for quoting Stolypin. On the 2nd March 2011, leading the then government, the Congress of the Association of peasant (farmer) farms and agricultural cooperatives of Russia (AKKOR) in Tambov, he assured farmers that agriculture remains a priority for the Russian government. “The government wants to see the peasant rich and sufficient, where wealth, there is enlightenment and freedom”, – cited the Prime Minister saying of Peter Stolypin. “Stolypin hundred years ago said: “Land is our strength, earth – Russia”, – said Putin.

In April 2011, Putin, speaking in the Duma as Prime Minister, saidthat Russia “needs a decade of stable, calm development, without different kinds of tracking, reckless experiments.” As you know, Stolypin during the reign of Nicholas II stated that the government needs to give “20 years of rest internal and external, and you do not learn present Russia”.

Pyotr Stolypin (quick reference)

Pyotr Arkadyevich Stolypin (14 April 1862 – September 18, 1911, Kiev) in different years held the post of district Marshal of the nobility in Kovno, Grodno Governor of the Saratov Governor, Minister of internal Affairs, the Prime Minister.

Known as a great orator, a reformer, the man who suppressed the revolution of 1905-1907. In 1906, the Emperor offered to Stolypin as Minister of the interior. Soon, along with the State Duma I convocation was dissolved and the government. Stolypin was appointed as the new Prime Minister.

On a new post, which he held until his death, Stolypin spent a number of bills that went down in history as the Stolypin agrarian reform, the main content of which was the introduction of private peasant land ownership. Law adopted by government on courts-martial tightened the punishment for serious crimes.

Later Stolypin was sharply criticized for the rigidity of the measures. Among other activities of Stolypin as Prime Minister of particular importance are the introduction of zemstva in the Western provinces, limiting the autonomy of the Grand Duchy of Finland, changes in the electoral law and the dissolution of the Duma II, put an end to the revolution of 1905-1907.

During performance before deputies of the State Duma manifested oratorical talent Stolypin. The phrase “will Not intimidate!” and “They need great upheavals, we need a Great Russia” became winged.

From the personal traits of his contemporaries especially stood out for his fearlessness. Stolypin was planned and committed 11 attacks. During the last committed Bogrov in Kiev, Stolypin was fatally wounded, which in a few days died. (On materials “Wikipedias”.)

It is also worth noting that many historians have characterized Peter Stolypin as a strong-willed and overbearing Prime Minister with a weak Emperor.

Putin urged the new Duma deputies to build a strong Russia, quoting Stolypin 05.10.2016

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