President Vladimir Putin drew attention to the direct work of the State Duma, which after the adoption of several high-profile bills in the first time of the sixth convocation was called “enraged printer”. According to the President, from the frequent changes in legislation no benefit, no, on the contrary, it becomes even harder to work Executive.

Putin said that “the key to effective development of the country” is predictability of legislation. “The fragmentation of amendments to current Federal laws, the more codified legal acts, of course, does not benefit the case,” said the President. “This greatly complicates law enforcement, and that means creating problems for citizens, participants in the economic life, and for the authorities”.

The head of state, as reported by TASS, noticed that as a result “many go in English law, to every other right”. “Why? Because there, we must admit that the stability once more. And we often lack certainty and clarity,” said the President and added that there are also difficulties with the uniformity of application of the rules.

“From such a inconsistency, vagueness of the legislation, of course, have to go, work to improve the culture of rule-making”, – said Putin. “This is not to prevent a chaotic and spontaneous revision of the law. The new rules should be integrated in the system of the existing legislation extremely carefully, avoiding conflicts of norms and overregulation”.

The work of lawmakers, Putin drew attention during a meeting with members of the Council of legislators under Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation in Saint-Petersburg. The event, as reported on the website of the Kremlin, dedicated to the Day of Russian parliamentarism and the 110th anniversary of the first in the Russian history the State Duma. After the President’s speech with the initiatives made by the heads of the upper and lower houses of Parliament.

The Chairman of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko, according to “Interfax”, has proposed to develop standards for the well-being of life in Russia. “If you agree, we would ask you to instruct the government, the Ministry of labour together with the Parliament and the regions to do
the development of such standards,” – said Matvienko.

According to her, the standards of quality of life should not be below established standards in any region. Performance standards must be guaranteed throughout the country, she said. State Duma speaker Sergei Naryshkin, in turn, offered to give the cosmodrome East, where Putin returned the day before after the first in the history of the cosmodrome start-up, the name of Yuri Gagarin.

Putin urged the state Duma to be English law, where “stability once more” 30.04.2016

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