Russian President Vladimir Putin took the initiative on defining Federal authority that would be responsible for the issues of social adaptation of migrants in Russia. The head of state said, speaking at a meeting of the Council for interethnic relations in the Astrakhan, informs “Interfax”. In addition, the President supported a proposal for a law on the Russian nation.

“Currently this area does not provide sufficient legal, institutional and economic tools. You need to define Federal authority responsible for this area. Need and experts,” – said Putin.

He stated that Russia will oppose the tendency for the incitement of inter-ethnic conflicts and the erosion of traditional values. He noted that “here the key role belongs to the public, the spiritual unity of our people.”

The President also added that thanks to the country’s national policy of “Russia successfully confronts global threats such as extremism and terrorism”.

“Another important issue is to support non-profit organizations whose activities are connected with international organizations, inter-ethnic cooperation, preservation and protection of culture, traditions, languages of the peoples of Russia, the social adaptation of migrants”, – Putin continued.

He noted that the services provided by such NGOs not included in the list of public benefit and can’t have those bonuses at the disposal of socially oriented organizations. According to Putin, “this may be a problem, at least, a deterrent”.

The head of state stressed that Russia needed a professional specialists in the sphere of the relations of different peoples and different faiths. According to him, we need not only religious leaders but also secular people, versed in inter-ethnic and inter-confessional problems.

Putin supported the beginning of the development of the law of the Russian nation

Russian President Vladimir Putin at the same time supported the creation of the law of the Russian nation. “But what exactly can and should be implemented – is just above that we need to think in practical terms, start to work – this is the law of the Russian nation,” – said the head of state (quoted by “Interfax”).

According to him, such a law can grow a strategy for the development of national relations in Russia. “Our strategy, which we have developed, and to transform – but it needs work too as it should”, – said the President.

Putin supported the proposal of the participants to spend a year of unity of the Russian nation. “Good could be the event. With the involvement of all who are gathered here today in this hall that we with you work. But only you need to choose this year”, – said the President.

He explained that the year of unity of the Russian nation have to choose so that it does not overlap with the already announced a national themed annual events.

Putin has approved a law on international relations

During the meeting, which was attended by the head of state, a proposal was made “to go from strategy to Federal law,” which should encompass all the innovations related to interethnic relations.

The author of this idea was made by head of the Department of the Russian Academy of national economy and public administration Vyacheslav Mikhailov. He suggested the name of the law “On the Russian nation and the management of ethnic relations”, reports TASS.

Putin has approved the idea of creating a separate Federal law on interethnic relations. “A good offer”, he commented.

“The fundamental question of coordination of the authorities that implement the state national policy. Only at the Federal level, more than ten, plus the structure in the regions and municipalities. But the interaction between them is often extremely low and ineffective, has not been established a constant cooperation with scientific and expert organizations. How will these issues be addressed? Know that certain hopes are pinned on a core programme, which is now being prepared by the government,” – said Putin.

“Of course, it needs to develop so that it was really a single main document for all those involved in the implementation of the strategy of national policy, but to accomplish this program it is possible only by uniting, as I said, the efforts, coordinating the efforts of all relevant structures. And how to do it – remains an open question, although I don’t think there is any insurmountable difficulty,” he added.

Putin criticized the European experience in the sphere of migration policy

The Russian President also urged not to rely on the experience of Europe in the migration. “Russia “millennial history of the formation of a multinational state, we are much deeper this experience”, – Putin said (quoted by TASS).

“Immigrant raped a child in one of the European countries. The court acquitted him on two grounds: he does not speak the language of the host country and did not understand that boy, and it was a boy, objected. It never can come, what they are doing there,” added the President.

A society that “is not able to protect their children today” has no future. Therefore, the “experience they have, frankly, not the best,” added Vladimir Putin.

Earlier, an expert in demography, the scientific Director of the Center for migration studies, Institute of economic forecasting Russian Academy of Sciences Zhanna Zayonchkovskaya did forecast that the increase in migration flows from China to 2050, the Chinese may become the second largest nation in Russia and beat the migrants from Central Asia.

She explained the process of the reduction of migration flows from the countries of Central Asia after 2030, since a large proportion of the young population of these countries have already left for training and work in a neighboring state.

Now the main “donors” of Russia are Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, a large part of the population comes from Ukraine. “If we think about other “donors” – and of course, Russia will have to properly develop economically, to people from other countries here, except China, I see no alternative,” said Zayonchkovskaya in the report “options for the development of migration processes in the post-Soviet space.”

However, the report of the Expert-analytical center of the Russian Academy of national economy and public administration followed that by 2016, the migration to Russia from China ceded the leadership of Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. Ten years ago leaders in the export of legal migrants were China (21%) and Ukraine (18%).

In the first half of 2016, the Moscow budget received by workers 6.8 billion – more than due to the oil and gas industry. For the first half of 2016, the Moscow migration center issued 195 thousand patents among labor migrants legally with patents, most Uzbeks (43%), Tajiks (30%) and Ukrainians (16%).

Putin urged to develop the law of the Russian nation 01.11.2016

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