The Russian delegation at the funeral of the leader of the Cuban revolution
Comandante Fidel Castro, which will be held
4 December in the cemetery of Saint Iphigenia of Santiago de Cuba,
will be headed by the speaker of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin. In the Kremlin explained that
Russian President Vladimir Putin will be too busy preparing messages
to the Federal Assembly, the disclosure of which is scheduled
on the 1st of December.

As reported TASS, the Russian delegation headed by Vyacheslav Volodin will fly
Cuba in the night of Tuesday. The nine-day mourning is declared on the island with
November 26, a memorial service will be held from November 29th.
Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov explained that dense
Putin’s schedule would not allow him to participate in them.

“Vladimir Putin quite a full agenda, is
preparing for the message to the Federal Assembly, is one of the main
events President’s work schedule during the year,
enshrined in legislation,” – said the representative of the Kremlin,
explaining that it is in connection with this Russia will be presented “on
high, but not at the highest level.”

Peskov said that “the delegation is quite representative,”
reports RIA “Novosti”. In her
will also include a Deputy Prime Minister, co-chair the Russian-Cuban
the intergovernmental Commission Dmitry Rogozin, representatives of the Ministry of foreign Affairs and
parliamentary factions.

In his telegram to the brother of the late Raul Castro, who heads
The Council of state and Council of Ministers of the Republic, Putin called
Fidel “sincere and reliable friend of Russia”, the Creator of “free and
an independent Cuba,” and his name “the symbol of an era in modern
the history of the world”.

Then Putin talked
in Raul Castro on the phone, stressing the great contribution of Fidel in
the establishment of the friendship and strategic partnership between
Russia and Cuba. Raul Castro, in turn, expressed their appreciation
Putin’s words of support as well as assured “remain on the path to
further development of comprehensive cooperation with Russia.”

Recall that in March 2014 before the visit to Havana, Putin blamed
32 billion dollars of Cuba’s debt to Russia. Payments on the balance owed
shall be credited to a special account opened in US dollars
“Vnesheconombank” the National Bank of Cuba, and used for
financing investment projects on liberty Island.

The historic leader of the Cuban revolution, Creator and leader
the first socialist state in the Western hemisphere – Cuba –
Fidel Castro died on November 25 at 91-year life. The ceremony
burial will take place on 4 December at 07:00 local time
Santiago de Cuba – the city that housed military barracks
Moncada, Fidel Castro and his comrades decided to take the course
coup attempt in 1953. After the failure of Fidel was arrested and
was sentenced to 15 years, but two years later released under the Amnesty.

It is assumed that at the funeral of Fidel Castro will be present
high-ranking officials and delegations from different countries. In particular,
arrive, the former king of Spain Juan Carlos I, the President of Venezuela
Nicolas Maduro, the head of Bolivia Evo Morales, the leader of Nicaragua, Daniel
Ortega and the head of Ecuador, Rafael Correa.

November 28 and December 4 simultaneously in the provinces of Havana and
Santiago de Cuba on the occasion of the celebration of the Comandante will be conducted on 21
artillery salute.

Putin will not go to the funeral Castro’s message. Russia, Cuba will be represented by Volodin 28.11.2016

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