Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the government together with deputies of the state Duma to ensure passage in Parliament of such law on the renovation, which would ensure the rights of citizens. If this condition is not met, the President would not sign this document.

The President of the Russian Federation said Wednesday, April 26, meeting with members of the Russian government. “There is another bill which attracted the attention of the public in Moscow. We are talking about the resettlement of five-storey buildings”, – Putin said (quoted by “Interfax”).

As the President noted, according to the plan of the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin, the purpose of the bill of the renovation is to improve the living conditions of the people living in ramshackle houses, built in the middle of the last century.

The demolition and relocation of houses in Moscow must not violate the rights of citizens, Putin said. “But, of course, it must be done thus and such instruments and means that do not violate the rights of citizens, primarily the right to property. And all suggestions should be implemented on the basis of voluntary consent of citizens on the proposed conditions”, – stressed the head of state.

New promise Sobyanin: all immigrants of the buildings will live in the same area

“I repeat: nothing can be imposed by force, and law
citizens should be fully respected. I therefore ask the government
to pay attention to it during the dialogue with the state Duma deputies to provide
the passage of such a law that these rights of citizens are ensured”, –
said Putin.

The head of state stressed that he would not sign the amendments violate existing laws. “I want to say that anything that violates the laws in force to date, and the rights of citizens, signed by me can not be. Asking for this law to work as it should, thoroughly, including in the dialogue with the public,” said the President.

Today Sobyanin at a meeting with citizens in the Moscow house of public organizations promised that the authorities in the course of settlement houses in the capital may leave the district for the accommodation of all who wish to do so. Also, the mayor assured that the demolition of Muscovites will not have to relocate to temporary apartments.

Earlier on Wednesday it became known that the second reading of the bill on the demolition and resettlement of houses in Moscow the group of experts with the participation of the largest banks in preparing amendmentsthat will determine the order of actions in case if the collateral for the mortgage loans was flat in houses belonging to a renovation programme. In the current version of the document the rights of creditors are not protected.

In particular, it begs the question of renewal of Deposit for the demolition of the home and getting a new apartment, because this procedure needs an additional agreement between the borrower and the Bank, and in its absence, the loan is actually unsecured. The amendment is proposed to legalize the right of the registration authority independently, without application of the Bank or the borrower, to transfer to the new collateral, all records encumbrances against the previous objects of mortgage.

Last weekend at a closed meeting at city hall Deputy mayor Anastasia Rakova said that the scandal surrounding the renovation of fictional and “set on fire by opposition”. The official also demanded not to succumb to the pressure of those who agree to move, but will make a claim for new housing. “This is not a program for the improvement of living conditions, this program reduce the emergency Fund,” said Rakova.

The program of demolition of apartment houses in Moscow sparked heated debate in society. On 18 April the newspaper “Vedomosti” said that the bill on the renovation criticized the presidential Council for codification and enhancement of civil legislation. The experts expressed the opinion that the draft law does not solve the problem of housing renovation, and the renovation programme in several points contrary to the Constitution.

In particular, the criticism of experts called the authorities ‘ intention to provide a new apartment by the meter, while the cost of the real estate may be much below prices of old housing. In addition, said the Chairman, in conclusion, experts noted that the bill is hypothetically supposed to protect the interests of the citizens, and they may not want the move.

The experts also called it unacceptable that the withdrawal of land for state needs in the bill is replaced by the termination of the right of ownership. They pointed out that this approach does not allow citizens to demand monetary compensation instead of housing.

The state Duma on 20 April adopted in the first reading a bill on the demolition of houses in Moscow. He was then called only the approximate cost of the program of renovation to 3.5 trillion rubles.

The bill of the renovation of Moscow was submitted to the state Duma of the Russian Federation on March 10, a group of deputies from the capital, and Senator Zinaida Dragunkina. Amendments are proposed to the law “On the status of the capital of the Russian Federation” and certain legislative acts “in determining features of the renovation of the housing stock in the capital of Russia Federal city of Moscow.” The document sets out the housing options provided in the relocation, the fate of the contributions for the repair and the procedure for public procurement under the program of renovation.

About the program of renovation of talking after the meeting, Sobyanin and Putin on 21 February 2017. It was during that conversation the head of state gave on the programme.


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Putin will not sign the law on the resettlement and demolition of houses, if they violated the rights of Muscovites 26.04.2017

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