Putin’s eldest daughter Maria is promoting a charity project with the money of Alfa-Bank, according to the news Agency Reuters, the previously published investigation about the activities and finances of his younger daughter Ekaterina Tikhonova. The material caused a great resonance: Tikhonov allegedly called the President daughter of the head of Board of “Gazprom-Bank” denied the words, and the Agency began to insist on the correctness of the quotations and the record of his words.

In a story about the eldest daughter of President Reuters Maria indicates that her life is “even more hidden from prying eyes, than her sisters.” In particular, we failed to find reliable sources of photos of her in adulthood.

The Agency claims that Mary, born April 28, 1985, she married Dutch businessman Jorrit Joost of Faassen and now bears his name. She makes a career in the field of Biomedicine, focusing on the endocrine system, which controls hormones.

Maria is a PhD candidate in the Endocrinology research center in Moscow, who leads the charity program “alpha-Endo”to help children with endocrine diseases.

On the website of the “Truth”, which is used by scientists and researchers at MSU, she is listed as co-author of five papers published in the last two years. One of them is called “the State of antioxidant system of blood in patients with acromegaly”.

The Agency contacted Maria Faassen by e-mail, but she declined to comment, noting that requests for information about the research center must be addressed to its leadership. She didn’t respond to questions about when she got married and did as his father on her career.

“Alpha-Endo” is funded by Alfa-Bank, expert Council of the program is headed by the Deputy Chairman of the Bank Oleg sysouev. The Bank’s representative said to Reuters: “Alfa Bank and Alfa group, in a broad sense, are the sponsors of the project and all… We don’t know who else participates in the project”.

Reuters says that Maria’s husband worked in the “Gazprombank” – the head of which refuted his words about the relationship of Catherine Tikhonova, youngest daughter of the President. It is also reported that the name of Torrita Jooste of Faassen was mentioned as the Deputy head of the Russian consulting company MEF-Audit on its official website. Now his name no longer there, and he did not respond to a request for comment.

Putin’s eldest daughter Maria is promoting a charity project with the money of Alfa-Bank, says Reuters 11.11.2015

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