Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain and Egypt received a reply from Qatar to your ultimatum, reports channel Al-Arabiya , citing a joint statement by the four countries.

“Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain and Egypt received the reply of Qatar, under the mediation of Kuwait before the end of the extended deadline (ultimatum action)”, – stated in the text of the document.

The details of the message of the Emirate have not yet been reported. The statement indicated that the response to the message of Qatar will be given “in due time”.

The foreign Ministers of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain and Egypt will meet today, July 5, in Cairo and will discuss further steps against Doha.

Arab countries accuse Qatar of supporting terrorism and extremist ideology hostile policy and intervention in the Affairs of other States. A month ago the authorities of several countries broke off diplomatic relations with Doha. 22 Jun Bahrain, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Qatar has put forward a list of demands for the restoration of diplomatic relations. Among them was the requirement to break off relations with Iran, closing of the TV channel Al Jazeera, the termination of military cooperation with Turkey and the elimination of Turkish military base in Doha. The performance of Qatar was given 10 days. Later the term was extended for another two days. The term of the ultimatum expired last night.

Qatar have previously called the terms of the ultimatum not feasible and urged them to reconsider. While the authorities have denied any involvement in financing terrorism. Arab countries to discuss the changing conditions of the ultimatum refused.

Qatar has responded to the ultimatum of the Arab countries 05.07.2017

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