Court of human rights, the canadian province of Quebec has appointed a compensation of 10 thousand dollars Barber-Jew who was fired because he is contrary to the prohibition of his superiors worked on the Sabbath, July 16, reports JTA.

54-year-old Richard Zilberg worked in a salon since 2011, including on Saturdays. However, a year later, the Jewish salon hostess iris gressi demanded that he ceased to work in the sacred for the Jews the Sabbath day, although the number of customers on Saturdays is not reduced, but rather increased. He refused to do it and was fired.

Two years ago, the Commission on human rights of Quebec came to the conclusion that gressi must pay Silberg damages in the amount of 15 thousand dollars, but solution of this structure are Advisory in nature, and the former owner of the salon refused to pay.

In the end, the Court of human rights, whose decisions have binding, gressi ordered to pay his former employee $ 10 thousand. According to the court, the management of the Barber shop broke the law on the freedom of religion. According to him, the employer may not vary conditions of work for employees based on religion.

Zilbert said after the trial that five years later, justice has been served and he, the descendant of the Jews who loves his people and its traditions, are now allowed to do as he sees fit.

Quebec was awarded 10 thousand dollars in compensation to Jewish Barber, who was fired for refusing to work on Shabbat 17.07.2017

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