The art Director of theatre “Satyricon” Konstantin Raikin, speaking at the Congress of the Union of theatrical figures of Russia in the rigid form has expressed about censorship and the struggle of the state for morality, calling colleagues on a creative workshop to protect the exhibitions and performances of the “offended groups”, reports the portal “Theatre-goer”, who published a transcript of the speech Raikin.

“We are very separated, I think. We have quite a few interested in each other. But it is bad. The important thing is that there is such a nasty manner – rivet and Snitch on each other,” said Raikin.

Separately, the artistic Director of “Satirikon” raised the issue of repeated “attacks on the arts,” noting that he personally believes the ban censorship “greatest event” in the life of the country. In addition, Raikin expressed concern that the authorities distanciruemsa from those people who advocate the closure of exhibitions and cancellation of performances.

“These groups allegedly offended people who are close plays, close the show, very blatantly behave, which is very strange power neutral, distanciruemsa. I think that is an outrageous infringement on the freedom of creativity,” said Raikin.

“I do not believe these groups of indignant and offended people, who, you see, the religious feelings insulted. Do not believe! Believe that they paid for. So – it’s a group of nasty people who are nasty illegal ways for morality, you see,” – said the Director.

He urged his colleagues “not to pretend that the government is the only bearer of morality”. According to Raikin, should not apply for this role and public organizations. The Director stressed that in art enough filters in the form of “artistic Directors, critics, of the soul of the artist.”

Guild solidarity, according to Konstantin Raikin, obliges each employee of the theater not to speak ill of each other, and not to talk bad about each other in the instances on which they depend.

Instead, he urged his colleagues “to speak clearly” about the number of high-profile events associated with the closure of performances and exhibitions in cities of Russia. “Why are we silent all the time? Close plays, close it… Banned “Jesus Christ superstar”. O Lord!” exclaimed Raikin.

He also expressed the view that the Church has forgotten about the days when her “hunted, exterminated the priests, tore down the crosses and made a vegetable store in our churches,” and begins to act now, “the same methods”.

“Right then was Leo Tolstoy, who said that it is not necessary to connect with the Church authorities, otherwise it starts not to serve God, and the power to serve. We largely observed”, concluded Raikin.

Raikin at the Congress theater-goers strongly opposed the Champions of morality and reminded the Church about the “dark times” 25.10.2016

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