Gone Alexander Shvets, Chairman of the Board of the Bank “Peresvet”, the largest (49,71%) shareholder of which is the ROC. About it reports TV channel “Rain” , citing sources close to the management of the Bank.

According to these sources, the location of Alexander Shvets unknown for several days, not answering his phone. According to a member of the Board of Directors “Peresvet” Elena Cardinal, the Bank was appointed acting head of the institution, he became Vice-President of the Bank Pavel Panasenko. The Bank has already notified the Central Bank.

As later on Friday in the Bank “Peresvet” said the Agency RBC, the reason for the lack Shvets is a disease. “The man is sick. All the other insinuations are inappropriate. In the Bank everything is stable, management in the workplace”, – commented the Vice-President of “overexposure” Nadezhda Gromova. The Bank press service refused to comment on this topic.

Recall, October 5, the newspaper “Vedomosti” reported, Fitch suspectsthat the “Peresvet” gave loans to affiliated companies without real assets. It was emphasized that analysts came to this conclusion based on indirect findings, which are not sufficient to formally consider borrowers ‘ affiliates.

The suspicions did not prevent the Agency Fitch confirm the rating of “overexposure” at the level “B+” with a stable Outlook. The same credit rating at “b+” with a stable Outlook, affirmed the “closest distance” and the rating Agency S&P.

12 October, the Bank said on alarming media reports stating that Fitch used in its Analytics legacy data the financial statements of the borrowers. In addition, the “Peresvet” has published very important information about the results of its operations for the first nine months of 2016

ROC owns 49,71% of shares of “overexposure”, another 24% belong to the chamber of Commerce. In the number of shareholders also includes: head of legal Department of the Bank Elena Kadina (12,38%), ex-Chairman of the Board Victor Litvyakov (4,97%), Lidiya Makeeva (4,50%), Vice President and member of the Board of Bank Pavel Panasenko (1,71%). To minority shareholders belongs to 2.37% of the shares.

In the Russian banking system the Bank takes the 41st place in terms of assets. Bank services and loans to government agencies, commercial enterprises, small and medium businesses and infrastructure projects secured by revenue from government contracts. “Relight” works on the currency, debt and money markets.

According to statements of the Bank, its loan portfolio is dominated by enterprises with state participation and companies, a significant proportion of the business which have contracts with the different regions or Federal agencies.

In addition, in the summer of 2015 “Peresvet” explained their success precisely to the shareholders and called himself a “quasi-sovereign entity with a specific niche of customers and significant competitive advantages”.

“Rain” has learned about the disappearance of the Chairman of the Board “Bank of the ROC” 14.10.2016

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