Former co-owner of oil trader Gunvor, the businessman Pyotr Kolbin, who, according to published Monday, September 26, inquiry on the website of the TV channel “Rain”, multi-million dollar fortune gained largely through personal acquaintance with Russian President Vladimir Putin, at the end of 2015, has made a generous gift to a woman, being a full namesake of the grandmother of Alina Kabaeva. Thus, reporters learned about the ongoing census of real estate for possible relatives, ex-gymnasts and current Chairman of the Board of Directors of “National media group”, a novel which press for several years attributed to the President.

For the information of the channel, the disposal of which were documents confirming the facts of the transactions, two businessmen Gennady Timchenko and Pyotr Kolbin sold three apartments in the elite areas of Moscow and St. Petersburg full namesake grandmother Kabaeva – the Anne of Zatsepilina. The journalists remind that earlier “the First channel” reported that the name of the grandmother of the Olympic champion.

It is about two apartments in the house on Arbat street in Moscow (the total area of 601 sq. m.) and apartment house with view to the Peter and Paul Cathedral in Saint Petersburg (total area of 211 sq. m.). According to statements from the unified state register of rights to real estate (EGRP), this property in December 2015 was renewed in full namesakes businessmen Timchenko and Kolbina in the name of Zatsepilina.

At Arbat, 18, where there were apartments Kolbina, is a seven-story club house overlooking the Old Arbat. In 2009, the “Novaya Gazeta” wrotethat the building is located only 10 apartments. The house on Mytninskaya embankment, 3 in Saint-Petersburg is located opposite hare island, where is located the Peter and Paul fortress. The building was built in 1899, in 2002, were added to it two-storey loft. Before the reconstruction, architectural historian Andrey Punin attributed the house to the “best examples of late eclecticism on Petrograd side”, say the journalists.

In March of this year, Reuters reporters published its investigation, which said that the businessman Gregory Bayes, which is a partner of Arkady Rotenberg, gave expensive real estate to three women, including Katerina Tikhonova, the alleged daughter of Russian President Vladimir Putin, a relative of ex-Deputy of the state Duma Alina Kabaeva.

In particular, according to the Agency, in 2013, Baevsky has transferred ownership of the house and a plot of land in the Dormition of the Moscow region Anna Zatsepilina, which is the grandmother of a former athlete. The woman assured the journalists, in the spring became the owner of real estate, from comments refused.

Even earlier, in 2009, Bayes gave an apartment in Moscow on the street Veresaeva leysan Kabaeva, the Olympic champion sister. Journalists contacted the officials of the company leysan Kabaeva, but they refused to talk about the origin of the apartment, which recently recorded on their boss.

However, the Agency in March was able to talk with the press Secretary Alina Kabaeva and ask her questions about the sister relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin and transactions between Baevsky and her relatives. “They are all adults, responsible for their actions and live their lives. Alina Maratovna Kabaeva has nothing to do with these issues,” – said the official representative of the MP.

“Rain” has told about “secret friend” Putin, who earned a fortune on contracts with Timchenko

Former co-owner of oil trader Gunvor, the businessman Pyotr Kolbin, was long-time friend of Russian President Vladimir Putin. As it became known to journalists, the head of state met with Kolbin in childhood and since then kept in touch. The information provided in the 2000-ies, after Putin was elected President, became big business and has become a dollar millionaire. This is stated in the investigation, “Rain”, which was published on the website of the TV channel.

Reporters noted that the information provided is little known to the General public. As found by the channel, the fathers of Peter Kolbin and Vladimir Putin are close friends. They met in 1954 in the village of Amenity Leningrad region, where Kolbin Sr. was the Director of the school, and the Putin family was shot in the summer cottage. Growing up, the future President and future co-owner of Gunvor met, went together to the village discos and even fought with the local bullies, journalists said.

In 2000 Kolbin Sr. received a personal letter from newly elected President Putin, a copy of which is at the disposal of edition. Then Peter Kolbin came in big business and for some years made a considerable fortune, highlights TV channel. For five years, until 2010, he owned at least a 10 percent stake in oil trader Gunvor.

Kolbin also owned oil trading company “Surgutex”, which sold abroad significant amounts of oil and oil products of OJSC “Surgutneftegas”. The businessman also controlled some of the major suppliers of “Gazprom”, write the journalists. In addition, in 2010 Kolbin made a good deal by buying shares of the company “Yamal LNG” for $ 90 million and a half year sold and the asset is over 526 million dollars. The transaction was approved by the governmental Commission headed by Putin holding then a post of the Prime Minister.

Note that Putin’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov told the TV channel that have not met the name Kolbina among friends of the President. Former shareholder of Gunvor, Gennady Timchenko, in turn, refused to answer questions about Pyotr Kolbin, and the businessman was unavailable for comment.

Kolbin has known since childhood, not only with Putin, but with Timchenko

As of 2016 private investor Petr Kolbin is a 149-th place in rating of the richest businessmen of Russia under version Forbes. His fortune is estimated at 0,55 billion. According to the publication, Kolbin was rescued by the proceeds from the sale of the blocking stake in Yamal LNG “NOVATEK” in 2011, for which he received $ 526 million, and a minority stake in oil trader Gunvor.

In 2012, the newspaper “Vedomosti” wrotethat the information provided was “mysterious third owner of Gunvor, which the journalists also called “childhood friend Gennady Timchenko. “It was a long time ago. It’s all in the past. Why stir up the past? It was what it was,” admitted Sam Kolbin.

One of the unnamed sources was then told that “Kolbin acted as financial investor, bought part of the shares of the trader and then profit for yourself out”. It was reported that St. Petersburg was co-owner and other companies Timchenko: he owned 49% of the oil trading company “Surgutex” and 25.1% of Yamal LNG owns the license to the gas giant South Tambeyskoye field, which is developing a “NOVATEK”.

Even then, the information provided confirmed that Timchenko familiar with since childhood. Kolbin was born in the Orenburg region in the family of military personnel. Six years later his father was transferred to serve in East Germany, where Kolbin met and became friends with peers, is also the son of servicemen Timchenko.

A person close to Gunvor, in a conversation with journalists called Kolbina closed and noted that he loves big cars, knives, daggers and other weapons, and the hunt does not go. Kolbin is a professional shooter, this was discussed in the materials of the competition on practical shooting from a pistol of Petersburg Baltic rifle club, noted the publication.

Last summer, the name Kolbina appeared in the media reports, when the United States imposed additional sanctions against Russia related to the Russian policy towards Ukraine. 30, 2015 the sanctions spread on eight companies and individuals connected with Russian billionaire Gennady Timchenko. Among them was Pyotr Kolbin.

Recall that earlier this year the public learned about another close friend of Vladimir Putin – the cellist Sergei Roldugin. His name flashed in the media in the spring when the media reported that in a public Panamanian archive there is information about several companies listed on the cellist. Mentioned on the equity participation of the musician in offshore companies International Media Overseas S. A., Sonnette Overseas Inc. and Raytar Limited. The ICIJ investigation based on leaked documents from the archive of the company Mossack Fonseca with data on offshore accounts of politicians and other famous people, it was said that the accounts of these firms was transferred no less than $ 2 billion.

President Putin, commenting on the offshore scandal, has admitted that the cellist is his friend. He informed the public that the musician is engaged in business, but it’s not millions and certainly not billions of dollars. The President also revealed that a significant portion of funds Roldugin spends on musical instruments, which are bought abroad and brought into Russia.

“Rain”: Timchenko together with a childhood friend of Putin rewrote luxury real estate on grandma Kabaeva 27.09.2016

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