Published in July, the diaries of the Chairman of the Committee of state security
Of the USSR (KGB) Ivan Serov shed light on the disappearance in 1945, Raoul
Wallenberg, a Swedish diplomat who saved thousands of Hungarian Jews from
destruction by the Nazis, writes The
The New York Times
in the article, which quoted the website InoPressa. This disappearance, which the author, Neil MacFarquhar calls one
of the mysteries of the Second world war, has a simple explanation: most likely,
Wallenberg was executed in a Moscow prison on the orders of Joseph Stalin and
Minister of foreign Affairs Vyacheslav Molotov.

“When Wallenberg was abducted from the street in the vicinity of Budapest,
suspicion almost immediately fell on the Soviet Union, the newspaper writes. – Perception
the Soviet occupation administration of Budapest relations
The Wallenberg with high-ranking Nazis and Americans
smacked of espionage, and the rescue of Jews was almost not believable
the pretext. But the disappearance of Wallenberg remained
unexplained and in Gorbachev’s era of glasnost, and in the chaos after the collapse
Of the USSR”.

In 1957, the Kremlin said, according to incomplete medical
the conclusion, in 1947, Wallenberg died in prison of a heart attack. Swedish researchers after a long correspondence with the archives of the FSB found outthat the Wallenberg’s death was probably violent.

The circumstances of the case are investigated from published June diaries
one of the leaders of the NKVD-MVD of the USSR in 1941 – 1953, first
the Chairman of the KGB in 1954 – 1958, the chief of the GRU of the General staff in
1958 – 1963 Ivan Serov.

In Serov records contain several references to a previously unknown
documents about Wallenberg, including a message about cremation
Wallenberg. In another document quoted Victor
Abakumov, who to Serov headed the KGB, but in 1954
year, in the course of Stalin’s purges, was put on trial and executed.
Abakumov allegedly confessed during interrogation that the order to liquidate
Wallenberg came from Stalin and foreign Minister Vyacheslav

Serov had no doubt that Wallenberg was liquidated in
1947. Historian Nikita Petrov, the author of the scientific biography Serov,
Deputy Chairman of the Council of “memorial” society, a specialist in the history
the Soviet security organs noted that in official documents,
published by the Soviet side, the word “killed” as applied to
Wallenberg was never played. “In Serov’s diary you can find it
word as fact,” he added.

Petrov noted that memories are not as significant as official
documents, but Serov also writes that read the file Wallenberg. The case
Wallenberg devoted about six pages, the text is somewhat fragmentary,
written in dry bureaucratic language, the newspaper said. Serov says that Khrushchev, successor to Stalin, asking him to investigate the incident, to respond to Sweden and to help with the “cleansing” against Molotov.

Serov wrote that in the end was not able to find out all the circumstances of the death
Wallenberg and found no evidence in favor of the version,
that he was a spy.

Diaries of Serov were found in the cache on Rublevsky cottage

The book “Notes from a suitcase. The secret diaries of the Chairman of the KGB,
found 25 years after his death”, based on the
the diaries of Ivan Serov, was released in the publishing house “Enlightenment” in June. As
wrote “the Russian
, Serov kept a diary since coming to the Lubyanka in
1939, the most important events recorded life-and in war, and
after, and even becoming the head of the KGB and the GRU – up to dismissal in 1963

About these diaries, no one was supposed to know. The fact of the reflection of those
or other aspects of the service, meetings and conversations with higher authorities,
including Stalin, could be equated with disclosure of state secrets. In
the war of the conduct by the officers of the diaries relied Tribunal and
the penal battalion. It is no coincidence that none of the heads of security bodies of the
era did not leave behind memoirs, notes the WP.

Died General on 1 July 1990, did not live a month and a half before his
The 85th anniversary. In 2012, his cottage on the ruble passed by inheritance to
granddaughter Serov Faith, which started a repair garage at the cottage. Demolishing
interior walls, builders found a stash two suitcases.

“During repairs in the garage, we found three immured in the wall
suitcase. They were chock full of manuscripts. More than a year
it took to scan the archive,” said Serova “Moscow
. In the preparation of the book was attended by former
journalist, United Russia Deputy Alexander Khinshtein. In the output it
is the editor of the book, he made comments to her.

In the diaries, in particular, described by a single trip of Stalin on
the front in 1943, which is kept secret from his security prepared Serov, they
a refutation of myths about the miraculous salvation of Hitler.

Raoul Wallenberg was executed on the orders of Stalin and Molotov, it was revealed from secret diaries of the Chairman of the KGB 09.08.2016

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