Foreign pharmaceutical companies have applied lower prices on 12 of expensive lifesaving drugs that are sold in Russia. About this RBC reported in the Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS). We are talking about drugs used to treat rare genetic diseases and cancer.

Two months ago, the FAS issued a list of 48 vital and essential drugs, prices of which in Russia, according to the Department, were overstated. The list was developed after a comparative analysis of drug prices in the country. Among manufacturers, overstate the price, is called: Astellas, Sandoz, Johnson & Johnson, Bering, Novartis, TEVA, Roche, KRKA, Selgen.

The FAS promised to cancel the registration of the prices of all 48 drugs if manufacturers refuse to reduce them. Such a step would lead to the disappearance of drugs in Russia, because according to the law of medicines included in the list of vital and essential drugs (EDL) cannot be sold without a fixed price.

As a result, companies have started reducing prices of drugs on a voluntary basis, said the FAS. Sandoz, Novartis, and Astellas decided to lower prices on some drugs by 20-50%. On medicines, the prices of which remained at the same level, the Federal Antimonopoly service conducts investigation and prepares a decision to cancel the previously agreed prices.

Under current law, the vital and essential drugs bought by the state for special categories of the population. The prices of medicines establishes the FAS. In the list for 2016 646 international non-proprietary names (about 23,5 thousand brands).

The government assured that Russia is not going to refuse from the import of drugs, which have no analogues in the country, while at the same time, the Russian pharmaceutical industry will focus on the production of our own medicines.

RBC: foreign companies will lower prices on 12 life-saving drugs sold in Russia 23.11.2016

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