Municipal elections in Moscow can move from September to the spring of 2017, according to RBC. This possibility is being discussed now in the mayoralty of the capital, told the publication, sources close to the presidential administration and city administration.

According to one source, the idea is being discussed at the level of Deputy mayor Anastasia Rakova, who oversees the capital structure of power of the political unit, and the leadership profile of the Department of territorial Executive authorities of Moscow. The final decision is still pending. Press Secretary mayor Gulnara Penkova said that the administration “does not discuss such and no reason for no comments”.

Previous times, municipal elections in the capital took place in March 2012, simultaneously with the election of President of the Russian Federation. However, later it was decided to hold them in September. The exception was the district of Schukino, where the municipal Assembly is elected for four years.

Elections in this district were held this fall, simultaneously with the Dumaand the mayor remained is dissatisfied with results of voting, the results of which candidates from the ruling party “United Russia” got only seven seats out of 15, and the head of the municipal Assembly was a Communist.

In the mayor’s office decided not to prevent this in the future, and the postponement of elections to an earlier date will not give opposition time to prepare and arrange support certain candidates, told RBC sources.

“The more deputies from the opposition, the more inconvenient for the municipality of initiatives they will contribute to the Moscow city Duma on the abolition of those paid Parking lots, for example. It is clear that the Moscow city Duma will such initiatives reject, but it’s still noise and scandals, and they are not wanted. The Prefecture is also not interested in having to “skip” opposition – less than her, the calmer,” said a source close to the Kremlin.

Also, according to him, discussion of a possible postponement of the elections is with an eye on the mayoral elections to be held in September 2018. The less MPs will hold in municipal councils, the opposition, the less it will likely to overcome the municipal filter, he explained.

RBC learned about a possible postponement of the municipal elections in Moscow 19.10.2016

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