Russia’s military campaign in Syria for a year could cost the budget not less than 58 billion rubles, follows from the calculations of RBC. 30 September marks a year since the start of military operations. Journalists based on public reports of the Ministry of defence and the government of the Russian Federation. The bulk of the costs came in sorties of aircraft and cruise missiles.

According to the Agency, during the year, the Russian air force flew about 13 thousand sorties, each of which cost from 3.5 million to 5.5 million rubles. the Total cost of these crashes – about 50 billion rubles. Another 2.8 billion rubles, the Russian military has spent on the start-up of cruise missiles of sea and air basing. In just a 365 days campaign was allegedly launched 56 rockets of type “Gauge”. The cost of the launch of a rocket “Caliber” is estimated to be approximately 750 thousand dollars.

During the campaign Russian group HQs have lost, according to official data, four units of aircraft: a su-24 shot down Turkish air force, the Mi-8 helicopters, Mi-28N and Mi-35. The cost of lost equipment – 3.34 bln RUB.

The contents of personnel (3000 employees) on the basis of “Hamim” cost to the military of 2.1 billion rubles payments to the families of 20 dead soldiers in Syria amounted to 60 million rubles, said RBC.

In March 2016 RBC based on the data of the Ministry of defense and experts saidthat the surgery spent about 38 billion rubles. In the calculations, as noted, take into account, in particular, spending on combat missions, delivery of goods, wages and daily maintenance of military and transport.

“This is a very approximate figures, but I’m willing to agree with that assessment”, – commented on the calculations of journalists, the Director of the Center for analysis of strategies and technologies Ruslan Pukhov, who is in General estimated expenses of the Russian Federation in Syria as very moderate. “Series of exercises throughout the year worth more”, – he concluded.

The journalists who worked on the tally of all expenditures of the Russian Federation on campaign in Syria, I remind you that officially the Russian government has voiced specific data on the costs of a military operation. In December last year, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, answering the question about the cost of the campaign, said: “It’s a secret”. He stressed that “the use of Russian armed forces completely fit in the budget of the Ministry of defense.” “They have not requested an increase in defense spending,” – said then Prime Minister.

March 17, Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke about the cost of military operations in Syria. “Of course, the military operation in Syria and demanded certain cost, but most of them are resources of the Ministry of defense, the money the Ministry of defence, about 33 billion roubles have already been included in the budget of the Ministry in 2015 will be the year to exercise and combat training. We just redirected those resources to groups in Syria,” said Putin.

In December last year, the Agency Bloomberg wrote that the Russian authorities initially planned to spend on the campaign in 2016 about 1.2 billion dollars. Then, it was reported that since the outbreak of hostilities against terrorists “Islamic state” (ISIS, DAISH, is prohibited in Russia) Russia spent about four million dollars a day, however, after President Vladimir Putin instructed to intensify the bombing, the expenditure has doubled.

In October 2015 the journalists of the Moscow Times wrote about the fact that the operation of videoconferencing in Syria, Moscow cost in the amount of four million dollars a day.

RBC: Russia’s Military operation in Syria a cost of 58 billion rubles 30.09.2016

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