The international Paralympic Committee (IPC) has postponed the announcement of the decision on the issue of restoration of the Russian Paralympic Committee (RCC) prior to September 6, in connection with the preparation of documents that will accompany the decision already issued.

“The decision has been made, but officially, we will declare only on 6 September. This is due to the fact that we still have to prepare the relevant documents. In the same way we did the last time, after the meeting in Barcelona. Then the announcement was also announced a couple of days later,” said TASS Director of public relations for the IPC, Craig Spence.

The Executive Committee of the IPC of the 3rd and 4th of September in Abu Dhabi held a meeting, which reviewed documents and materials for compliance with the criteria of the restoration of RCC membership in the organization.

“The IASC working group acknowledged that most of those comments that make up the road map, solved, – said TASS President of the RCC Vladimir Lukin. – There are several items being addressed. A few points wider, not done, and it does not depend on ASM. Demands addressed to other authorities, RCC one to solve them are not able to”.

From the decision of the IPC directly depends on whether Russia is represented in the upcoming Paralympic games in Pyeongchang, which will be held in March.

“What will be the results of the decision of the Executive Committee – I do not undertake to predict. They are closely associated with the world anti-doping Agency, to predict their decision is impossible. But we hope for a positive result,” added Lukin.

IPC has suspended the membership of PKR in August last year, on the basis of the findings of the independent Commission of the world anti-doping Agency under the leadership of Richard McLaren that caused the banning of all domestic athletes to the Paralympics in 2016 in Rio de Janeiro. Court of arbitration for sport in Lausanne has upheld the decision of the IPC.

To restore the PCR of rights was nominated by a number of key criteria, implementation of requirements controlled by a special working group. Meanwhile, Russian athletes are prohibited from participating in the qualifying competitions for the Paralympics, even under a neutral flag.

In may, the IPC Executive Committee unanimously voted to maintain sanctions and agreed to meet again in September to finally resolve the fate of Russian Paralympians at the Games in Pyeongchang.

RCC hopes that the national team of the Russian Federation will be allowed to participate in the Paralympics in 2018 09.09.2017

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