Frequent detection of the drug turinabol in the course of rechecking of doping tests Russian athletes from the Olympic games in 2008 and 2012, probably due to the activities of ex-head of the Moscow anti-doping laboratory of Gregory Rodchenkov. This opinion was expressed by the former President of the Russian athletics Federation Valentin Balakhnichev.

“Why is everyone caught turinabol? Because in those days it was probably the most popular drug. In my opinion, many of the athletes had direct communication with Rodchenkova and consulted him. Gregory Rodchenkov continued manipulation of turinabol before the Olympics in Sochi – he told that this drug was part of his cocktail. So it seems to me that feet grow from it,” said Balakhnichev the Agency “R-Sport”.

On Thursday, the international Olympic Committee (IOC) annulled the results of performances at the Olympics-2008 16 athletes, including four Russians. All national athletes have been caught using turinabol.

All in all, the results of the two waves rechecking doping tests the latest methods, the IOC in recent months retroactively deprived the national team of Russia seven medals of the 2008 Games and three awards of the 2012 Games. Most of the athletes caught turinabol, traces of which have learned to identify in the samples after 2012. The third and fourth waves of revalidation is expected later.

According to balahnicheva, the national team has no one ever forced into doping.

“If the athletes it was used, it is likely, consulted in this matter with their coaches. How can I check? To get under the cushion and sit with them day and night? Athletes in command of 250 people and a little less coaches,” – said the former head of wfla.

Recall that the Balakhnichev has been barred for life from any activity related to athletics. In addition, the Investigative Committee of Russia opened against him a criminal case on signs of abuse of their powers. The ex-head of wfla considered this decision politically biased, pleaded not guilty and filed a complaint with the court of arbitration for Sport in Lausanne.

Recent revelations of Russian Olympians connected with activity Rodchenkova 18.11.2016

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