Chinese media reported a successful landing in the Autonomous region of Inner Mongolia descent capsule of the spaceship “Shenzhou-11″ with two taikonauts on Board. Landing has passed in a regular mode, the I Ching, Hypen and Chen Dong feel good.

Agency Xinhua published a story about how they were going to meet the capsule, and then the first images from the landing site. According to ChinaNews, the capsule was found at the main landing site. The publication notes good physical condition of the astronauts who have successfully completed the flight program.

“The head of the Chinese manned space program, flying Zhang Yusya on Friday announced the successful mission of the spacecraft “Shenzhou-11″, – stated in the message Xinhua.

Ship “Shenzhou -11″ (Sacred canoe – 11″) was launched from the cosmodrome Jiuquan in the northwestern Chinese province of Gansu on October 17 with the help of the carrier rocket “Changzheng-2F”. Chinese President XI Jinping, commenting on this event, noted that the launch of China’s first to implement a medium-term stay of astronauts in space and also conduct a number of scientific and applied experiments. 19 Oct “Shenzhou-11″ has successfully docked with the orbital module “Tiangong-2″ (“heavenly Palace – 2″).

“Shenzhou-11″, the sixth Chinese manned spacecraft. After returning the crew to Earth, he will continue to collect scientific data in automatic mode. It is assumed that it will work for another two years.

And on November 3, China made the first start of its heavy rocket-carrier “Changzheng-5″ (“long March 5″, CZ-5). The new missile, which is able to output in low earth orbit up to 25 tons of cargo, plan to use for the exploration of lunar and Martian surface. Chinese scientists in the framework of Mars exploration plan in 2020 with “Changzheng-5″ to bring the probe on the transition orbit of Earth and Mars to study the red planet.

Reentry capsule of a Chinese spacecraft “Shenzhou-11″ with two taikonauts successfully landed 18.11.2016

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