In Regardie intend to train IT-specialists and specialists in social media monitoring, reports “Interfax” with reference to the Deputy commander of Regardie Colonel-General Sergey Melikov.

“Today we see those areas that we would like to develop. In the first place is it-technologies”, – said Malikov.

According to him, experts could “conduct a specific monitoring” of social media. “Such study group already working at the Novosibirsk military Institute,” said Colonel-General.

According to Melikov, the activities of such professionals would help to prevent crimes such as the attack on the 141-St regiment of Regardie, stationed in the village of Naurskaya.

“We understand that the management of militant groups that have carried out the attack was carried out remotely. Including using certain information channels that are transmitted on the lines of social networks. If, let’s say we could in a timely manner this situation to open, such an attack would have been foiled not at the stage where it was stopped, maybe earlier”, – said Malikov.

In the Chechen village of Naurskaya the night of March 24 a group of eight militants tried to break into the territory of Regardie, in the battle killed six soldiers. Six militants were also killed, two suspects in the attack were detained during the week.

Note, in mid-March in Regardie denied the information about creation in structure of the unit, which will deal with ciberesfera to identify threats extremist. It was about the publication of “Rosbalt”, which stated that the first priority of the new unit will be the monitoring of the Internet and social networks to identify “relevant threats and preparing to repel possible attacks”.

Regardie decided to start monitoring social networks 19.05.2017

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