General Director-related company the messenger Telegram “Telegraph” Alexander Stepanov accused the former employee of Anton Rosenberg blackmail and slander. In his statement he gave comments about the writing of Rosenberg, in which he said that the founder of the social network of “Vkontakte” Pavel Durov he was illegally dismissed, and OOO “Telegraph” presented to him a claim on 100 million roubles as compensation of damages for the wrongful disclosure of trade secrets.

Stepanov admitted that the claim was indeed filed, and called it “a tactical reminder of the illegality of the chosen A. Rosenberg tactics of blackmail.” As noted by the General Director, OOO “Telegraph” is ready to withdraw the complaint at any time, “as soon as A. Rosenberg will no longer cause damage or threaten to violate its obligations”.

Alexander Stepanov accused Rosenberg of blackmail. According to him, the company has repeatedly offered him compensation in the amount of 4 million rubles, 1.5 million rubles for the termination of the employment contract and also reported willingness to withdraw the lawsuits. According to the CEO, Rosenberg tried to hide from the public the fact that in July 2017, he demanded in writing from the “Telegraph” of 30 million rubles, “alluding to the fact that otherwise divulge confidential information about the company’s activities, which will lead to the cancellation of the agreement with Telegram Messenger LLP and the termination of its activities within the framework of the fight against spam in the messenger”.

According to Stepanov, Rosenberg slandered the elder brother of Pavel Durov, the original owner of the company-the founder of “the Telegraph” Nikolay Durov, when he said that he fired him because of a secret love for his future wife Ekaterina Volkova. Charges the CEO of the company called “unfounded” and attempts Rosenberg “to involve the members of his family in the settlement of labour disputes” – is unethical.

As explained Stepanov, from the inner circle of Catherine reach information about that in the beginning of December 2016 the girl broke up with her boyfriend – Anton Rosenberg, and through a friend was looking for an apartment. “According to our information, in response to this request Nikolai Durov temporarily gave Catherine his vacant apartment in Saint-Petersburg. January 7, 2017 A. Rosenberg unexpectedly arrived at the place of residence of Nikolai Durov in Italy and accused him of his personal problems with Ekaterina Volkova,” – said the author of the post.

Alexander Stepanov does not deny that Rosenberg worked in the Telegraph and was familiar with the brothers Durosimi. At the same time, in his statement, he does not address the question about the Saint Petersburg office of the company. Rosenberg wrote that in fact, the company that manages the Telegram, had long worked in St. Petersburg contrary to the assertions of the management that the messenger is not run from Russia.

Stepanov said that the company “Telegraph” collaborated with Telegram Messenger LLP in the field of fight against spam. According to him, in the summer of 2017 of “Telegraph” dismissed all employees except himself and the company “no longer lead in any activity, excluding vessels with Mr. Rosenberg.”

“We believe that the actions of A. Rosenberg can be qualified as defamation (article 128.1 of the criminal code) and blackmail (article 163 of the criminal code). However, at the moment we are not planning to file a petition under these sections,” – concluded the General Director of “Telegraph”.

Anton Rosenberg, commenting on the article Stepanova, told RBCthat the statement about the claim of 100 million rubles made him laugh. “I haven’t laughed,” he stressed.

“The claim with the requirement to pay 100 million rubles right now is in court! If Alexander Stepanov thought back to the courts that I didn’t have these 100 million OOO “Telegraph”, I don’t understand why OOO “Telegraph” did not withdraw its claims, but rather petitioned to hear the case behind closed doors,” wrote Rosenberg in a post on the platform Medium.

As noted by Rosenberg before the events described in the statement of Stepanov, Pavel Durov threatened him with criminal prosecution, “offering to meet, but refusing to explain why.” “He said that “the settlement agreement does not interest him”, – told ex-the employee of open company “the Telegraph”. According to Rosenberg, from the meeting, he refused, fearing provocations.

According to Rosenberg, before the trial, OOO “Telegraph” did not make him proposals to enter into a settlement agreement. At the same time, he acknowledged that on the night of September 22 the lawyer of the company still sent him a similar offer.

Petrodvortsovy district court of St. Petersburg postponed the meeting in the Rosenberg case until 17 October, it will pass in the closed mode.

Related to Telegram the company was accused of defamation by the ex-employee told about the conflict with Durov 22.09.2017

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