Relatives of prisoners in the penal colony N7 Karelian city of Segezh in which he is serving punishment activist Ildar Dading, convicted for violating the order of holding rallies, wrote a letter to the presidential administration, asking Vladimir Putin to take control of the investigation of cases of violence of prison staff.

In a letter to relatives, excerpts of which leads the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets”says that in the Segezha colony their “relatives subjected to sophisticated bullying”, which they told the members of the HRC Igor Calepina and Paul Chikova and the Ombudsman Tatyana Moskalkova, who came to the colony after complaints the Dading.

“Despite considerable attention and the arrival of Moscow human rights defenders, perpetrators of torture the staff of IK-7 had not even been dismissed, and the Complainants were in their full power. In the end, everyone who dared to complain of any torture suffered even more severe beatings”, the letter reads mothers.

The letter notes that the Investigative Committee were sent to reports of crimes, and SK started checking. “However, as stated in the treatment, the investigators do not conduct the test properly – they still have not interrogated the prisoners and seized the video. In addition, there had been no medical inspection, which would prove the existence of damages from victims of torture”.

His appeal to the President of the relatives of prisoners attributed to the fact that the report, which was prepared by the Commission of the Council on human rights, who came to the colony, will be handed over to Vladimir Putin until December. “Meanwhile our family is in the account each day,” the letter says.

They ask the President “to take the test under their control and to facilitate the suspension at the time of inspection of the chief of a colony Sergey Cassava”, to remove all the videos and medical records. The text of the appeal signed by six women, including the wife of Anzor Mamaeva and the mother of Zelimkhan Geliskhanov whose names as victims of torture had already appeared in the press. Also the statement was signed by the mother Ildar Dading, Murat Nagoev, Hasbulat Gazaeva and Maxim Supti.

The dading attracted to a disciplinary responsibility after a fight with cellmate

Meanwhile, the Ildar Dading and his cellmate brought to a disciplinary responsibility after a fight in a penal colony N7, reports the newspaper “Petrozavodsk says” with reference to the press-Secretary of Karelian administration of the FSIN Vitaly Fefelova. What kind of punishment they assigned, the press service said. “I know that recovery is made. What – no,” – said Vitaly Fefelov.

The wife of activist Anastasia Zotov, in turn, Facebook announced Tuesday that it Dadina came lawyer Natalia Vasilkova. According to Zotova, on Friday, November 25, Dading appointed questioning in the case of a fight.

On 17 November, the Federal penitentiary service reported on the fight between Davnym and his cellmate, which occurred on the morning of 16 November in the premises of one of the units IR “on home soil”: the prisoners allegedly do not share the boiler. As a result, the Dading got a cut lip, and his cellmate was diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury and concussion.

Zotova then the words of her husband were told that the inmate is Uzbek, which is hoisted to the activist – started it “bychit”, cut his lip, grabbed me by the neck and tried to fill up on the floor. The administration did nothing, while the Dading not defensive. “Apparently, that was the video for the next “recovery,” suggested the girl. According to her, the instigator of the fight was a provocateur.

The inmate wrote a statement, which the Dading cannot be transferred to another colony

The Commissioner for human rights Tatyana Moskalkova in the “Forum actions” all-Russia popular front (onf) said that after a fight the mother Dading asked to put his son in another prison closer to home.

“After the incident involving a fight with a man who was with him in the chamber, I was approached by him (Dading) mom, so that after all the corrective labour institution transferred him to another place. I formally appealed to the Federal penitentiary service with a request for his transfer” – quoted Moskalkova RIA “Novosti”.

However, the Ombudsman herself after a visit to the Dading in the colony on 3 November offered to do the same thing, I noticed now that the prisoner transfer is impossible until the end of the investigation, as the second convict filed a statement in that fight.

The prison administration sent the documents about the fight in the police station, where did not rule out the possibility of a criminal case under article “Beating” or “Deliberate causing of a little harm to health”.

In November 2016 Dading publicly reported about torture and beatings in the Karelian colony N7, which, according to him, was personally the chief of a colony Sergey Gassiev. Representatives of the HRC Igor Calepina and Paul Chikova who visited Segezha, managed, according to them, to find confirmation of the testimony of Ildar.

“The collected materials can serve as a basis for initiating a criminal case against the head of the colony Cassava Ko”, – told the newspaper “Interlocutor” Igor Kalyapin.

Ildar Dading – Russia’s only convicted under article 212.1 – after her appearance in the new edition of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation in the summer of 2014. In December 2015, the Dading was sentenced to three years in a General regime colony. In March 2016, the Moscow city court has mitigated the sentence to activist for six months.

Relatives of prisoners Segezha colony with the mother Ildar Dading wrote a letter to Putin 23.11.2016

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