The relatives of the victims of Boeing 777 crash over Donbas, who learned on the eve of the report of the International investigation team on the Russian involvement in the crash, waiting for the final results of the investigation and need to call on the Russian authorities to account. In particular, for extradition to use political leverage in the relations of Russia and the Netherlands.

Professor of political science Department of the University Tilburgse Gabriel van Den brink, who lost in the crash of his colleague and closest friend, in conversation with the correspondent “the New newspaper” expressed the hope that Moscow will be called to account if her involvement in the crash will be confirmed when you call the names of the perpetrators. “Of course, very many Dutch people after the disaster were inclined to blame Russia. And continue to blame. But we may be wrong, so still waiting for the investigation call the evidence of the real culprits – those who clicked the button, who gave the order, who eventually hid and continues to hide the truth,” – said the source publication.

According to the Professor, the Dutch government is now “forced to balance between business interests, who did not want to spoil relations with Russia, and the interests of Dutch society, which requires to call Moscow to account”. “So our government is now caught in the middle. Nevertheless, we trust him and know that sooner or later the guilty will be named and the court,” concluded van Den brink.

According to the father of the deceased 17-the summer passenger of Hans de Borst, for the relatives of the victims of the disaster as no surprise that the launch was carried out by separatists from “Buka”, “but the fact that the Buk was Russian, opens a whole new perspective to the criminal investigation.” “Of course, I think these people didn’t want to shoot at a civilian plane, and the Kremlin did not give them any orders, so today it was said that Russia claims to investigators have. But we understand that the Supreme commander Vladimir Putin is responsible for that weapon from his country were in the Ukraine and killed our relatives and friends”, – said the interlocutor of “Novaya Gazeta”.

De Borst believes that the perpetrators of the catastrophe are hiding in Russia now with “Buck”. In his opinion, the Russian authorities are not profitable to cover them now, “when the whole world knows where the tracks lead”. In addition, the Netherlands have the opportunity to influence Moscow, she gave the guilty, says father of the victim of the disaster. “A family’s needs change in our relations with Russia, and I want to have the hard conversation with the authorities. At least, we should withdraw our Ambassador from Moscow. Don’t let this bring us closer to finding those responsible, but it will show to the Kremlin that we are determined,” – said the source publication.

Pete Plug (included in the coordination Council of the relatives of the victims in MH17 lost brother and wife in the tragedy) is deeply outraged by the fact that Russia only two years after the crash of Boeing presented data from radar, which did not find an approximation to the liner of the objects from the territory of the separatists. “Where have you been these two years with his radar? (…) It looks like a mockery. Like dancing on the graves of people. Hell Yes it should be just a shame! What did they achieve this? They want to divert the attention of the public?!” – asks the interlocutor of “Novaya Gazeta”.

Plug also believes that the Russian side should be held accountable for his involvement in the collapse of the Malaysian liner. “No, I don’t blame the whole of Russia. There are simple people, and there are individual leaders, there are performers, but with them it is necessary to ask, let them begin to cooperate! If it is made by your people, then be a man and admit: “Yes, it’s ours!” insists a relative of the victims.

At the same time, Robbie Alers, who died in the accident niece, believes Russian authorities involved in the tragedy. “After all, neither the President nor the Minister gave the order to give “Buk” these guys in the DNI. The issue with shipping was resolved, I think, at a lower level – some military commanders decided and agreed” – said a relative of the deceased.

An international investigation team to investigate the crash Boeing 777 “Malaysian airlines” (flight MH17) at the Donbass July 17, 2014 September 28 presented a preliminary report on the investigation catastrophy. Investigators came to the conclusion that anti-aircraft missile complex “Buk” missile that downed the airliner, was delivered from the territory of the Russian Federation. The point from which the rocket was launched, was named field under the Ukrainian village of Pervomayskaya, which was in July, under the control of the separatists self-proclaimed Donetsk people’s Republic.

During the press-conference was shown of record on July 16-17 intercepted telephone conversations separatists in which they discussed the delivery of Buka and a missile launch site. The evening before the attack separatists are asking about the “bouquet” that will protect them from the Ukrainian air raids, the night talks, they can obtain weapons the same night. This talk is available on the channel of the Prosecutor’s office of the Netherlands in YouTube.

Relatives of victims of the MH17 plane in Eastern Ukraine calls on the Russian authorities to answer for his involvement in the tragedy 29.09.2016

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