Last Thursday, the Prime Minister of great Britain David Cameron gave the citizens to understand that the British aircraft that had previously conducted air strikes on positions “Islamic state” (IG) in Iraq may accede to the bombing of militants in neighboring Syria. As expected, the vote on this issue will take place next week, and experts confirm: many politicians who previously opposed such initiatives, changed his views after the Paris terrorist attacks.

British citizens strongly opposed the idea. Thousands of people gathered Saturday on the streets of London with placards “don’t bomb Syria”, “Flush Cameron, not bombs” and “do Not add fuel to the fire.” “In Paris there was a terrible tragedy, but the task of the authorities is to take responsible measures, and not to just say “We’ll bomb them,” said AFP an activist of the coalition “Stop the war” (Stop the War), Lindsey German.

While in Britain the protests took place, Cameron was in Malta, where once again confirmed that, in his opinion, IG (banned in Russia as a terrorist organization) is a threat to the country, and air strikes in Syria “will be the right decision.” German and thousands of other citizens of the United Kingdom this position is not shared: “We ask, don’t do this, don’t repeat the mistake you made in Iraq.”

Previously British politician stressed that simply has no right to impose the goods and risks to protect the country on the other. “This campaign will be one of the key elements of a comprehensive, long-term strategy to defeat the Islamic state, in parallel with the large efforts of the international community to put an end to the war in Syria. Murder on the streets of Paris clearly showed us that ISIS is not some distant problem that are from us on distance of thousand miles, and a direct threat to our security”, – was stated in the article Cameron published in The Telegraph.

A major protest on 28 November took place in Madrid. About five thousand people gathered in the center of the Spanish capital to remind the authorities, what could be a part in the war with terrorists. Bitter experience in this business in Spain is already there: in 2004, terrorists bombed several trains three days before the parliamentary elections in the country. As a result of terrorist attacks killed 191 people and injured more than two thousand citizens. Many Spaniards believe that the terrorist attack was an act of revenge for participating in the war in Iraq. This is indicated by the symbolism of the date: the later bombings occurred 911 days after the terrorist attack in new York on 11 September (9/11).

Note that the mere appearance of the “Islamic state” is often referred to as a direct consequence of the invasion of Iraq, U.S. armed forces and their allies. In late October, former Prime Minister of great Britain declared that the overthrow of Saddam Hussein was the result of mistakes in planning and intelligence. “We didn’t understand what it means”, – apologized politician. At the same time, he said that in the current situation with Syria Europe no less guilty, since did not take anything.

Russia joined the air strikes on positions “Islamic state” in Syria on 30 September this year at the request of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Shortly after the start of aerial operations, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that “to plunge” in a conflict is not my intention, but Russia’s actions will be carried out in a strictly defined framework for the duration of the Syrian army offensive operations. Some time later, IG spread a propaganda video with threats against the Russians, in which militants promised “to shed an ocean of blood” and make it “very soon”.

The video appeared approximately two weeks after the crash of the Russian airliner A321 flying from Sharm El Sheikh to St. Petersburg. As it became known later, the tragedy that claimed the lives of 224 people, occurred because of the explosion of a bomb on Board the aircraft. After confirming the version of the attack, Russia has increased airstrikes against ISIS. “Having a tragic experience with our aircraft, we will continue to do that until, until we deem fit, in order to punish the guilty”, – said the head of state last week.

“Relieve Cameron, not bombs”: the British resented the plans of the authorities to join the bombing of Syria 29.11.2015

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