Presented to the Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev in Israel the research of unmanned helicopter has a remote control and management system. This is the website of The Marker, referenced by NEWSru Israel.

The Marker says that the information about the lack of control was derived from sources in the agricultural Institute ‘Volcano’, which owned the helicopter at the price of 200 thousand shekels (about 52 thousand dollars). No remote and control systems, which are estimated in 100 thousand shekels, the aircraft, received by Russia from Israel, is a useless toy.

In the publication it is suggested that the remote and control system were hidden by the employees ‘Volcano’, which was strongly opposed to them belonging to the helicopter was given to Russia.

The Marker writes that Russia has addressed to Israel with a request to pass them the remote to the helicopter. In a press-service “Vulkani” refused to comment on this information. The wording of The Marker failed to get comments from the Ministry of agriculture.

The article suggests that an awkward situation arose after the departure of Dmitry Medvedev, could lead to a diplomatic crisis between Israel and Russia, which, in turn, may result in the cancellation of the billion-dollar agreement on cooperation in the field of agriculture, which was signed last week.

A gift to the head of the Russian government was made by the Minister of agriculture of Israel, URI Ariel during a visit by Medvedev to the exhibition of agricultural technologies in Beit-Dagan, located about 10 km South-East from the city center of tel Aviv.

Media pointed out that the Minister’s decision was a surprise to the employees of the Institute tried to dissuade Ariel, but in the end, Medvedev left the exhibition with expensive “toys” that claimed his aides.

URI Ariel said that the decision to make a gift was approved by the relevant agencies, and that the school is the ‘Volcano’ in the near future will be bought a new helicopter.

The Russian Prime Minister was presented an unmanned aerial vehicle helicopter-type Sniper, manufactured by the Spanish company Alpha Unmanned Systems. This 16-pound helicopter capable of lifting cargo weighing up to 2.5 kilograms and stay aloft for up to two hours. He was purchased for the Institute’s “Volcano” at the initiative of the former Chairman of the National Council for Economics Eugene Candela.

In August of this year, Alpha reported that Israel acquired two of the unmanned helicopter Sniper for agriculture. But Israeli media say that a helicopter had of the Institute ‘Volcano’ in a single instance. The press noted that the decision to give Ariel a helicopter Medvedev led to a one-year delay of studies conducted using this technique Institute ‘Volcano’. The Institute noted that a lot of the time it takes and the process of registration of drones in the civil aviation authority.

Remote control drone helicopters donated by Medvedev, remained in Israel, the press 15.11.2016

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