The military intervention of great Britain in the conflict in Libya in 2011 was based on “inaccurate intelligence” and “erroneous assumptions,” says the report, prepared by a special Commission of the British Parliament.

In particular, according to experts, the threat to the civilian population because of the situation in the country was exaggerated, and a considerable part of the forces of the rebels were extremists.

The result of the invasion was the change of political regime in Libya and the overthrow of leader Muammar Gaddafi. This strategy of countries involved in military operations, did not include plans to assist the Libyans in rebuilding their country and forming a new government, which led to economic and political collapse, the emergence of many internal tribal conflicts, humanitarian and migration crisis, massive violations of human rights, arms proliferation and the strengthening of the extremist group “Islamic state” (IG banned in several countries, including Russia, in North Africa.

Responsibility for the incident, the Commission imposes on the former Prime Minister of great Britain David Cameron. “The actions of the United Kingdom of Libya was part of a poorly planned intervention, the results of which effect so far,” said CNN the head of the parliamentary Commission Crispin blunt.

According to him, to resolve the conflict in Libya was available as “other policy options” which have not caused the country so much damage. However, the UK authorities had “no understanding of the institutional capacity” of Libya.

The representative of the British government in response to these statements reiterated that the operation in Libya was conducted with the approval of the UN and has received the endorsement of the League of Arab States. “Muammar Gaddafi was unpredictable, he had the means and determination to implement all their threats. His actions could not be ignored, the need was determined and collective response. Throughout the campaign, we acted within a UN mandate, protecting civilians”, – quotes words of the representative of the British foreign office , the BBC Russian service.

The international operation in Libya was sanctioned by the UN Security Council on 17 March 2011. It was preceded by mass protests against President Muammar Gaddafi developed into full-scale civil war.

The first active participant in the operation is France, then it was joined by Britain and the United States. Under the command of the Americans was aviation of several countries – members of NATO.

The participants operations are mainly provided air support for Libyan rebels. In the end the latter managed to defeat Gaddafi’s troops. Libyan leader himself was captured and killed, and the country has a new government.

After the war, the situation in Libya is not stabilized. Currently, the official government in control of only Tripoli and its suburbs, while other regions have declared themselves Autonomous.

US President Barack Obama in an interview said that the decision on the intervention in Libya its a big mistake. However, he also criticized European allies of his country, which, in his opinion, lost to Libya’s interest immediately after the invasion.

At the same time, former US Secretary of state, and nowadays the candidate in presidents of this country, Hillary Clinton justified the actions of the US and its allies in Libya, arguing that only in this situation in this country today is much betterthan in Syria, where a number of countries, led by the US conducted an air operation, while refraining from the ground. On the days of Clinton in an interview with CNN has called for intensified military air campaign in Syria, at the same time, again spoke out against a ground operation, to which the United States encourages Turkey.

Report: Cameron’s decision on the military intervention of great Britain in the conflict in Libya was a mistake 14.09.2016

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