The United States faced a growing threat to its national security from China. This writes The Washington Free Beacon with reference to the received copy of the annual report, which will be officially presented to the US Congress on 16 November.

The document notes that the activities of Chinese intelligence “intensified significantly” over the past 15 years. Intelligence officials China repeatedly infiltrated the structure, ensure the national security of the United States, including the FBI and the Pacific command of the U.S. armed forces. And have access to important to American national security classified information, including the action plans of the armed forces of the United States, drawings of weapons and weapons systems.

They also gained access to secret military plans of the Pentagon for a possible conflict with China.

One of the most serious episodes of espionage in the report is the case with the American Colonel Benjamin Pierce Bishop, an employee of the Pacific command of the U.S. armed forces who was convicted of passing classified information to the Pentagon to his mistress-the Chinese woman.

The sent information included secret military plans of the United States on the deployment of nuclear forces and reconnaissance-strike UAV MQ-9, and the content of the secret report called “the Strategy of the Ministry of defense of China”.

Other cases of Chinese spying included the incident with James Fontenot – a high-ranking officer of the Pacific command, who was arrested in 2010 for transfer to China of a secret report on the national defense strategy of the United States, as well as the incident with Gregg Bergersenom arrested in 2008 in connection with the charges in the transfer to China of military secrets. Both were recruited by the people’s liberation army of China, the report said.

Report: Chinese spies stole secret documents of the Pentagon, including a plan for war with China 28.10.2016

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