Leaders of the banned terrorist group Islamic state (DAISH), which controls the Iraqi city of Mosul issued a fatwa against keeping house cats. According NEWSru Israel, initially wrote about this portal Alsumaria.tv citing a source in the province of Nineveh.

Later this information was published by an English website Iraqi News, but a wave of indignation in social networks caused article British tabloid The Daily Mail, who described the situation in Mosul, “Apocalypse meow” and told colors that “jihadists are hunting for kittens” in the Iraqi city.

British journalists also posted pictures of militants taken from Twitter, where the terrorists are depicted with kittens on the hands. Some of them are in the pictures are fed and stroked small Pets, however it is unknown whether all the pictures were taken in Mosul.

Many commentators in social networks noted that “Islamic state” distorts the Koran does not prohibit to keep the house cats. Here are the words of the prophet Muhammad: “the Cat is not unclean animals. Is an animal that all the time revolves around you” (Abu Dawud, Tahara, 38; Tirmidhi, Tahara, 69).

Earlier in mass media appeared rumors that the “Euphrates province” (Syria and Iraq) ISIS issued a fatwa banning the breeding of pigeons, “insulting Islam” with his genitals. The owners of pigeon lofts made to get rid of the Pets under the threat of flogging.

In 2015, the American special forces during a special operation conducted in the East of Syria, found a document – a fatwathat sanctioned the removal of organs from live prisoners. In the fatwa N68, dated 31 January 2015, States that there is no obstacle to the removal of organs from living “apostates” to save the life of a Muslim, even if the operation will be fatal for the victim.

Reuters also wrote that among the rebels seized documents were found N64 the fatwa, which describes the detailed rules for possible rape captured women.

Reporters learned about the fatwa issued by Islamic state in Mosul is forbidden to keep at home cats 06.10.2016

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