Commissioner for human rights in Novosibirsk region Nina shalabaeva received a complaint from one of the local ritalinic who complained that her two month old nephew and the baby of another prisoner does not provide baby food in the city detention center N1. A similar appeal was sent to the penitentiary, according to “Taiga.Info”.

According to journalists who refer to the author of the complaint, children in prison with their mothers, contrary to the law, do not give baby food. “Given the fact that kids from their mothers after birth, immediately taken “for examination” two or three weeks, then, of course, what milk they have. My sister after the child’s return was not quite milk, and the baby refused to take the breast. And her cellmates got milk, but very little,” she said.

According to her, all the time since the birth of her nephew, a special milk formula for his grandma bought, which is “in an extremely difficult financial situation and in a very bad state of health” and the food, clothes and bottles that were intended for one infant, the woman’s sister shared with a cellmate, which is nothing to feed the baby.

The law stipulates that “each child placed in the chamber, issued a children’s bed; women with children get the care items: diapers, baby clothes, clothes, shoes; the conditions for the care of children, washing, drying diapers, underwear, issued necessary equipment,” stresses the woman in conversation with journalists.

In addition, infants in prison under the law “should be secured in the baby food according to the norms, provided for children of appropriate age residing in institutions of the health system”. None of this, according to the interlocutor of the edition, whose sister is in a PPE, is not respected: children are not issued nor clothes, nor food, nor feeding bottles.

The problem, according to women there are and medical care for children of prisoners. Her two month old nephew twice one was hospitalized to the infectious diseases hospital “with a cough and diarrhea”” although the child in jail, you can call the pediatrician from the local clinic, the doctor examined him, prescribed the necessary treatment, and is separated from its mother it was not necessary.

“Now my nephew was taken to the hospital at all without a medical card and any data on the health status, immunizations and other things. The doctors called out my mom to know at least minimal information about the child,” the woman added.

In his complaint, a copy of which is journalists, she was asked to deal with the situation, to ensure that children in prison with food and everything necessary to care for them and also to improve the quality of care for mothers and their children.

In addition in the complaint the woman said that “after checks and orders superiors sister, and another under investigation mother had created the conditions for cohabitation with children – separate camera, water and so forth.”

Reporters learned about the problems of baby food for infants in the Novosibirsk prison 10.10.2016

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