Of Surgut (Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug) on Saturday morning reported a series of incidents in the city centre: the local media claim that bystanders are attacked by people in masks, publish photos at least one victim. Incident like attack on passers-by in Finnish Turku, but the Russian law enforcement authorities about the attack have not yet spoken. According to the UK, the assailant is killed, he wounded eight.

The first official information about the incident was transferred to the Investigative Committee. They reported that one assailant armed with a knife attacked passers-by in the city centre. It eliminated the police arrived. The number of victims is not specified. Reported criminal case. While talking about terrorism is not the incident qualified under article “attempt at murder”.

On the website SU TFR in KHMAO States that a man “armed with a knife, moving through the main streets of the city, attacked the passers-by, causing eight citizens of stab wounds”.

“The fifth channel” publishes a fragment of a photo from social networks, claiming that the police killed the criminal. Visible on his body taped a fake suicide belt.

Local media give other details about the attack, and reported some details.

IA “Supress” reports of attacks in the city center near the shopping center “Mir”. A group of men in black, armed with knives and guns, attacked passers-by. There is information about one killed and three injured.

The channel “C1″ in his pablike in “Vkontakte” reported that the attackers were two. One was shot by police, the other escaped. The city entered the plan-interception.

According to the channel, injured seven people. Two are in serious condition, their surgery.

Surgutinternovosti claims that the assailants wielded axes, and hospitalized more than 10 people.

Edition Znak.com the fact of the incident confirmed in the regional government. They said that to assist the victims in Surgut. Two are in serious condition, five in moderate condition. About the incident already reported to the Governor of Ugra Natalia Komarova. On the fact of incident data are not available.

It is reported on the preparation of the official statements of law enforcement bodies of Surgut and the government of Ugra about the situation.

Surgut is the administrative center of the Surgut district KHMAO, the main city of the region and one of the richest Russian cities.

Yesterday in Turku, Finland, a man with a knife attacked passers-by. On Saturday, police officially announced that the attack classified as a terrorist attack. There, two people were killed and another 10 injured.

Reports of the massacre in Surgut: attack of people in masks. 19.08.2017

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