In Finland, the organizing company meetings Santa Claus with a population nearly went bankrupt. At the last moment the company has paid taxes in the hundreds of thousands of euros, giving the Finns the opportunity to see the main Christmas character in the future.

For the organization of free meetings with Santa Claus is the company Dianordia, reports Yle. The company was under threat of bankruptcy for non-payment of taxes amounting to EUR 260 000.

The company had on 28 August to deal with your debts. Today it became known that Dianordia repaid.

The office of Santa Claus Joulupukin kammari is annually visited by up to 300 000 people. With new year wizard met, in particular, China’s President XI Jinping and Indian President Pranab Kumar Mukherjee.

In Finland, Santa who brings gifts to children on Christmas, called Joulupukki. Traditionally, the Finnish Santa Claus lives in Lapland, whose capital is the city of Rovaniemi. In this village for tourists compete for three of Santa Claus.

It is believed that the assistants Joulupukki are the dwarves, who in the course of the year sitting in the “Cave of Echoes” (Kaikoura) and listen to how children behave in the world. Before Christmas they dismantled the Christmas mail, help prepare and pack the gifts.

Judging by the official page Joulupukin kammari in Instagram, dwarves residence Joulupukki sometimes not averse to having some fun.

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Photos published Joulupukin Kammari (@santaclausoffice) Aug 27 2015 at 7:38 PDT

Representatives of the Finnish Santa Claus was saved from bankruptcy 28.08.2015

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