TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak has not confirmed the information about his plans to run for the presidential election and accused Alexei Navalny, because he has criticized it for “cannibalistic views” based on “unverified information.” She stated in comments to RBC.

“I want to give him advice: according to unverified information to hurt people and say that they have “cannibalistic” is strange,” – said Sobchak.

On the eve of Navalny called on Sobchak not to participate in “a rather disgusting game of the Kremlin” and not become “a liberal is a joke, to divert attention,” and also noticed that she has a “pretty cannibalistic views on politics and the economy.”

Sobchak said that moderate right-wing liberal views. “But if you read the right-wing liberal views cannibal… I’m just odd this formulation,” she said. According to Sobchak, Navalny is not necessary to assume that any person who expresses a liberal idea – “someone’s puppet or someone’s henchman.”

The TV presenter once again denied the information about his participation in the presidential race and noticed that about her so much, saying that it “Willy-nilly start to think about it”. The information in media about its nomination was intended to discredit her, said Sobchak.

The publication of The Bell and the BBC reported that a proposal to “join the staff” Sobchak appealed to the General Director of the channel “Rain” Natalia Sindeeva, founder of the Foundation “AIDS.The centre” Anton Krasovsky and journalist, author of the book “the Kremlin’s men” and former editor-in-chief of “Rain” Mikhail Sugary. The same offer she made to the former head of the human rights branch of the “Open Russia” Maria Baronova, the political analyst Stanislav Belkovsky and former journalist of radio “Freedom” Novel to the Super.

None of the above agreed to work on the campaign Sobchak. However, two of them said that the idea to run for President, the journalist was told in the presidential administration of Russia. According to them, this project Sobchak liked it, but no budget it is not allocated.

Sobchak confirmed to RBC that he actually spoke with some famous people, “but not only with these and on a different topic”. This, according to her, was about her new “big and important” project, which is now under threat because of elevated hype around it. “Now there is a risk that it might not happen due to the fact that the situation around me very aggravated,” – said Sobchak.

One of the sources of The Bell said that in fact we are talking about the idea of doing a show about the elections, this project was discussed, in particular, and on the TV channel “Rain”, where Sobchak maintains its own program.

For the first time about the possible nomination of Xenia Sobchak presidential candidates September 1, wrote the newspaper “Vedomosti”, which, citing sources in the Kremlin, said that the elections in 2018, Putin is looking for “sparring partner – woman”, and Ksenia Sobchak would be “ideal”. Then the TV channel RTVI, citing a source close to the presidential administration, said that Sobchak will soon announce the decision to go on elections of the President.

The TV presenter called this information “stuffing”, a “provocation”, “insanity” and “attempt to discredit” and noted that she does not need the blessing of the presidential administration.

Reprimanded Sobchak, Navalny, urged her not to become “liberal ridicule” in the elections 22.09.2017

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