American actor, producer, writer, Director, musician and martial arts master Steven Seagal, who in the beginning of November the citizen of the Russian Federation, arrived in Moscow and is ready to receive a Russian passport. About it it became known only on Tuesday, November 22, although American arrived in the capital on weekend. Moreover, the program of the visit of the star of militants in Russia are kept secret.

On arrival, Seagal declared the representative of the actor Anar, Rayband, reports TASS. “Stephen arrived in Russia on Saturday, November 19, we tried not to make a fuss,” – said the Agency interlocutor. According to him, the program of stay of the actor in Moscow has not been disclosed. “A Russian passport Steven Seagal has not yet received, expected in the near future,” said Raymond.

Earlier in the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation reported that Russian citizenship Seagal can count on a pension amounting to about five thousand rubles, but only in the following year at the age of 65 years and only with a residence permit in Russia. To this amount will Supplement the subsistence minimum of a pensioner in the region where it will register. The Fund also noted that if Seagal will be more likely to live in the US and not in Russia, social pension even upon reaching the age of 65 he will not give.

Seagal has been granted Russian citizenship on 3 November 2016. Russian President Vladimir Putin signed the corresponding decree, which was published on the Kremlin website. “In accordance with paragraph “a” of article 89 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation decrees: to accept the citizenship of the Russian Federation Steven Frederic Seagal born April 10 1952 in the United States of America,” the document says.

Thus a press-the Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov has noted in conversation with journalists that Putin decided to give Seagal citizenship after repeated and insistent requests of the American.

The actor himself accepted the message that he became a citizen of the Russian Federation, with gratitude. “I always felt that the US and Russia should be best friends and allies. Despite the bad propaganda happening all around us, I still adhere to this idea and willing to work tirelessly to achieve this goal. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity!” – quoted Segal, his agent.

American with Belarusian-Buryat-Indian-Mongolie roots

In September of this year, Seagal visited Sakhalin as a guest at the VI international festival “on the Edge”. Talking to journalists during his visit, the actor did not rule out that it will soon receive Russian citizenship.

Previously, Segal repeatedly visited Russia. The actor visited Moscow, Kalmykia, Beslan, Volgograd, Sevastopol, Ivan (where personally met with the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov) and other cities. In particular, in 2014, the American visited the Crimea after joining the Peninsula to Russia, where he tried on a t-shirt with image of Putin.

Seagal visits and other CIS countries. So, in September, during a visit to Kyrgyzstan, he told reporters that his ancestors – a native of Buryatia. According to Segal, his father was a Buryat, and his mother was an Indian.

During the visit of the actor to Belarus in August of this year, during which he personally met with the head of the Republic Alexander Lukashenko, revealed that Belarusian roots he also. The journalists said the press Secretary of the Belarusian President Natalia Eismont.

Earlier, Hollywood actor, whose wife hails from Mongolia, has repeatedly stated its Mongolian roots. He called the area where his ancestors: it is located near the Russian Mongolian border town of Kyakhta. In 2013, Seagal in the appeal to the Russian President said about his Russian roots.

With all the variety of his pedigree Segal, and holds Serbian passport. He received the citizenship of Serbia in January 2016 – a little more than a month after his visit to the country and get a formal proposal on the training of special forces of the Serbian police.

In the Russian and Western press for Seagal got the title of friend of Putin. The reason for this was not only frequent visits of Americans to Russia, where he was greeted as a distinguished guest. For example, in April 2015 the portal BuzzFeed wrote that Putin during a meeting with U.S. President Barack Obama at the G8 summit in 2013, allegedly invited his American colleague to appoint Segal , honorary Consul of Russia in California and Arizona, that is a potential intermediary between the White house and the Kremlin. The publication speculated that the appointment may be attractive to the American in the sunset of his acting career. In the Kremlin confirmed that Seagal maintains good relations with Putin, calling the rest of the information BuzzFeed “exaggerated” and “wrong”.

Seagal called himself a Russian

In March 2013, after a trip to Russia, Seagal told the TV channel “Rain” about his love for the Russian President and admired the way he could so quickly improve the standard of living of Russians when recently “there was no money, no food.”

In an interview with Ksenia Sobchak American referred to their Russian roots. “I have Russian blood, my grandmother was born in Vladivostok. Has roots in St. Petersburg, one of my ancestors was born in the Ukraine, which I think is part of Russia. Well, she was once part of Russia, right? So I’m Russian, I love Russia, I love Russian people, and I love your President. I really like that it has great support in the development of martial arts in Russia”, – confessed the actor.

In early March 2013, Segal together with the President of the Russian Federation participated in the opening ceremony in the Moscow sport centre “Sambo-70″. As has told then to journalists the press Secretary of the head of state, Putin and Seagal quite meet regularly as “friends” long ago. At the same time, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin asked Seagal with a request to assist in the work for the abolition of the Russian-American agreement that restricts the supply of modern Russian small arms in the United States.

By the way, in June of the same year Deputy Prime Minister in charge of defense contracts, offered Seagal to participate in the promotion of Russian weapons abroad. The Deputy Prime Minister together with the American actor visited the plant named after Vasily Degtyarev in Kovrov in the Vladimir region, which is one of the leading engineering companies in the country. Rogozin said that the Russian authorities are considering Seagal as the hero of the foreign advertising small arms produced at the plant.

The actor arrived to Russia with official visit the delegation of the US congressmen, which met to figure out the details of communication between the FBI and Russian intelligence services in the case of the Boston terrorist Tamerlan Tsarnaev. American media with irony perceived the attempt by Segal, recognize the love for Putin, to try himself as a diplomat.

Steven Seagal was born in 1952 in Michigan. He starred in dozens of films. However, his role was observed only with the prize “Golden raspberry”, which are awarded for worst achievements in film. Seagal mostly starred in action movies, where he played the noble fighters against injustice. Among the most famous films with his participation – “Above the law”, “Patriot”, “Executive decision”, “exit wounds”. His “calling card” is a picture of “Capture”. The actor starred in the sequel to the tape – “Capture 2: dark Territory”.

Seagal is a seventh Dan Aikido and Shihan title – honorary title of a master of Japanese martial arts. He is also the founder of applied style of Aikido, which is able to use in real combat conditions.

In addition to cinema, martial arts and charity projects Sigal is professionally engaged in music.

Other famous Russians neophytes

It is worth noting that the story of Seagal is not the first case when a celebrity consistently proclaims its Pro-Russian position, acquires the citizenship of the Russian Federation and all the attention of the top leadership of Russia. “Russia has long been a landing pad for aging stars,” wrote Andrew Roth in The Washington Post, which was translated by InoPressa.

In the article, BuzzFeed noted that under Putin, politics has become a carefully orchestrated TV show, where entertainment replaces the content. The Parliament, who pulled out teeth with actors, singers and athletes. “The Kremlin began to bring foreign celebrities to meet with Putin, organizing demonstration of his manhood and star charm”, – was noted with the material, the translation of which was published InoPressa.

Previously received a Russian passport French actor Gerard Depardieu. The corresponding decree the President of Russia signed on 3 January 2013. In addition, 12 September 2015 Russian citizenship went to American world champion, the world Boxing legend Roy Johnson Junior. American mixed martial arts fighter Jeff Monson, known for his sympathy for Russia, in December 2015 allegedly received Russian citizenship.

The portal Life reported that Bulgarian actor Stanislav Janevski who played Viktor Krum in the movie Harry Potter, allegedly wants to move to Russia. According to the correspondent, the actor said at the festival Game & Film Expo 2016 in Sokolniki.

Not averse to get Russian passport, and Robert De Niro.

Also earlier it became known that Italian actress Ornella Muti allegedly preparing documents for obtaining Russian citizenship. The Kremlin said that an official request has not been received. In mid-November, a number of Russian media reported that the 61-year-old star of Italian cinema, and her husband, businessman Fabrice kerherve – bought a two-bedroom apartment on Ostozhenka, near the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. It was noted that the husband of actress have their own business in Moscow, and the Italian planning to move to the Russian capital after the second half and also to do business.

In 2015, Muti was sentenced in Italy to eight months in prison and fined 600 euros for the fact that in 2010 instead of participating in the theater of Pordenone has provided a false certificate of illness, and she at that time was in Russia at a charity dinner with Putin.

Reputed to be Putin’s friend Steven Seagal the third day in Moscow waiting for a Russian passport 22.11.2016

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