Rescuers 13 Oct evacuated about 60 geologists from a remote taiga forest in Ust-yanskiy district of Yakutia, where they languished for about two months waiting for the helicopter, which was for them to arrive.

“Rescuers evacuated today all geologists, – quotes “Interfax” the message of “Service of rescue of Yakutia”. – The helicopter could not fly them to the place of field work in Ust-Yana region of the Republic due to inclement weather. People were in extreme conditions for about 12 hours – around snow, wind. Apparently, they were evacuated with the help of machines.”

Earlier, local media reported that two groups of geologists and students a total of 63 people, almost two months are in areas Ageki and Olinda in the North of Ust-Yana district in anticipation of the helicopter, which was supposed to fly for another 20 August, but the flight was constantly postponed for various reasons, although the claim to the airline “Polar airlines” was filed and entered on time. The products have geologists running out, gave the portal SakhaDay with reference to JSC “Angiologia”.

It was also reported that in the last days to reach groups have a strong snow cyclone, and the forecasts of meteorologists in this regard is not encouraging. However, the guidelines “Angiologie” stressed that the airline was warned of the impending Blizzard, but she kept postponing the departure, citing multiple health and social flights.

9 Oct meteorologists and emergency Yakutia also issued a warning about a sharp deterioration in the weather on the territory of the Republic, strong snowfalls and snow storms with wind gusts up to 15-20 meters per second and lowering the temperature of the air, including in Ust-yanskiy district.

“We planned to deliver spare parts, drilling equipment and products and take out students and specialists”, – told reporters the chief geologist of “Angiologia” Galina Vasileva. Located in the forest of the party engaged in the exploration and search of gold in the ore zones, and students North-Eastern Federal University and College in Khandyga conducted geophysical surveys and was topographic maps.

Late autumn in these parts is carried out only drilling and mining operations, and other professionals here to do nothing. 63 people, including one woman, are in two different areas, located in 110 km from each other. People in areas about equally. Some of them were in the forest in spring.

To get out of there, except by air, is impossible – the roads and the highlands. In the groups kept in touch through satellite phones and the Internet on one of sites. In “Angiologie” said that the situation in areas quite nervous as tedious waiting in uncertainty will exhaust any and be without this gathering of people is hard.

The people there live in special dwellings – beams, which have tables, beds and a stove, but it is pretty close. The most disturbed another outcome was the food, because the stock was designed for fewer people. One area is already over flour, tea and canned meat, other sugar and tea. Other products are also on the wane. There is a stock of cereals, but it will not last long. I ran out of cigarettes, and for smokers this is a big problem.

“Bad weather will last until the end of the week, – reported in Angiologii”. – We can only hope that the situation will be resolved. That it will not bring to the extreme. This does not want even to think.”

October 13, the press-Secretary of “Polar airlines” Olga Snicka said Life.ruthat the helicopter Mi-8 flew over on the eve of geologists, and is currently in the immediate locality from the location of groups of geologists, in the village of Deputatsky. According to her, the commander of the helicopter awaiting flying weather on the territory of the dislocation of geologists severe snowstorm and wind. “As soon as weather conditions permit, all geologists will be removed from working areas,” he assured her.

Rescuers evacuated 60 geologists and students, two months languishing in the Yakut taiga and on the brink of starvation 13.10.2016

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