Russia has launched a secret campaign to implement economic and political measures, to manipulate the five countries of Central and Eastern Europe. The plan is to discredit the liberal-democratic model of the West, and undermining the transatlantic link. To such conclusion experts of the Center for strategic and international studies in Washington and is located in Sofia, Bulgaria Center for the study of democracy, reports Reuters.

In published Thursday, the report States that Moscow is acting different methods – gaining confidence and draws on his side, sympathetic to the Russian politicians seeking to dominate the energy markets and other sectors of the economy impedes the fight against corruption to gain influence over the governments of Bulgaria, Hungary, Latvia, Serbia and Slovakia.

In the course held within 16 months of the study, the experts came to the conclusion that in some European countries, Russia’s influence has become so strong that it began to threaten national and Euro-Atlantic stability and to prevent Western orientation States.

According to Reuters, the publication of the report coincided with an unprecedented debate in the United States about the fact that Russia is trying to interfere in the presidential elections scheduled for 8 November, with the help of cyber attackswhich aim to undermine the confidence of voters to Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. In Washington believe that the Kremlin is trying to help to win her opponent – sympathetic to Russian President Vladimir Putin is billionaire Donald Trump.

Last Friday the U.S. government for the first time officially accused Russia of involvement in hacking attacks on the servers of the American Democratic party. The Ministry of homeland security and the office of the Director of national intelligence released a joint statement on the matter. In Washington said that the information was necessary for Moscow to influence the course of U.S. presidential elections.

On the eve of President of Russia Vladimir Putin at the plenary session on “Maintaining responsibility, empowering” the eighth investment forum “VTB Capital” “Russia calls!” categorically rejected the accusations against Moscow. “About the fact that Russia puts pressure on other countries. Who is telling us about it?” Putin asked with an ironic smile, looking around, eyes room, who in response burst into applause.

In the us administration stated that it agreed with the findings of researchers on the increase of Russian influence in the countries of Eastern Europe. According to one of officials, Moscow is pursuing a consistent campaign to regain influence in Eastern Europe, thereby undermining the unity and democratic principles, NATO and the EU. Among the methods of treatment practiced by the Kremlin, in Washington, DC as bribery, propaganda and misinformation designed to weaken Western institutions.

The report proposes measures to limit the hidden Russian influence. So, the researchers advise to pay attention on illicit financial flows and use of the assistance programme from the United States to resist pressure from Moscow.

That Russia is trying to revive the influence on the countries of South-Eastern and Central Europe, the Western press wrote repeatedly, especially after the aggravation of the Ukrainian crisis. So, in 2014, after annexation of Crimea Russian President Vladimir Putin was suspected that his next step will be a deliberate exaggeration of the conflict in the Balkan countries to further strengthen their domination of Moscow.

Research: Russia is implementing a plan to strengthen influence in Eastern Europe 13.10.2016

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