In the Grand Kremlin Palace on Thursday, April 20, in the course of the meeting Russian organizing Committee “Victory” there was a scandalous episode. The Chairman of the Russian public organization disabled war in Afghanistan and military trauma “Disabled war” Andrey Chepurnoy criticized the Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on defense and security Franz Klintsevich.

Participants of the meeting complained to the President that the Senator called the speaker of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin as the legal successor of the Russian President, reports RIA “Novosti”. Also chepurna said Klintsevich “uses its administrative resource and attempts to destroy the organization, to seize the property and split the veterans’ movement among people with disabilities,” quotes his words TASS.

Chepurnoy has accused the Senator that his submission was
organized many inspections, “war Invalids”, which significant violations, reports “Interfax”. The head of the organization said Klintsevich sending letters to the regional officials and heads of public organizations, which argues that “the legal successor of the Russian President” will give his “immense authority” and “all the unwanted roll up and buried alive.”

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In this, Putin responded with a promise to investigate the situation. “I think that Afghans don’t scare any statements of the type “roll up,” he said. However, he admitted that the first time I hear about this conflict. “Try to understand”, – Putin said.

The head of state directly at the meeting instructed first Deputy head of the Kremlin administration Sergei Kiriyenko to examine this issue. The President also added: “the successor of the President only defines the Russian people, through democratic elections, and no one else”.

The leader of the faction “United Russia” in the state Duma Vladimir Vasilyev, who also attended the meeting, explained that the proposal to change the financing of the organization of Afghans, which meant Chepurnoy, was a “collective decision, which was attended not only Klintsevich, but Sablin (Dmitry Sablin, a state Duma Deputy, one of the leaders of the organization “Combat brotherhood”. – Approx., and Shamans (Vladimir Shamanov, head of the Duma Committee on defense. – Approx.”.

“It was a decision that had one goal: to the money that went directly to the center, passed through the public organization, our veterans, and then distributed accordingly,” said Vasilyev, calling it an attempt to make the funding of “open and public”. “So I think, you’re highly emotional and not very meaningful”, asked the MP to Chepurnoy.

The Russian presidential election will take place in spring 2018. Putin has not yet indicated its intention to participate in the presidential campaign. However, the press has long discussed the alleged plans of the current Russian leader to run for a fourth term.

According to Reuters, 53-year-old Volodin, former head of the presidential administration, “enjoying public authority in his current post as speaker of the state Duma of the Russian Federation”. “The majority of Russian analysts believe that Putin, who has dominated the Russian political landscape for the last 17 years, will spend one last term [as President] before the transfer of power to a successor in 2024″, – reports the Agency.

Conflict “war Invalids” and Senator Klintsevich

Conflict Senator Klintsevich and “Disabled veterans” lasts a long time and has long escalated into litigation. Based on this history, according to the Senator, are the contradictions of the Afghan community and him personally with the head of “war Invalids” Andrew Chepurny.

“I demand 20 regional offices of this organization initiated an audit of the use Chepurny budget funds intended for the rehabilitation of soldiers-Afghans”, – explained earlier, Klintsevich (quoted by “Interfax”).

After that, he said, was “to start a scandal with his alleged unpaid vacation.” “Disabled war veterans” has addressed in court after in may 2015 the accounts chamber of the Russian Federation “revealed the fact of residence of the leadership of the Russian Union of veterans of Afghanistan, including Klintsevich, in the Centre of rehabilitation therapy (TPS). M. A. villain in December-January 2014-2015″. The total amount of debt of all living amounted to about 800 thousand rubles.

Then the court ordered the Klintsevich on this case is 285 thousand rubles. In this case the Senator is denied all charges. According to him, he
a direct participant of the war in Afghanistan has every right
rest and treatment in sanatorium “Rus” for free.

“But I have never used this right. Wonder why the Ruzsky district court made such a decision, and the court of second instance confirmed it,” – said the MP.

Resentful “Afghans” complained to Putin that they scare the successor Volodin 20.04.2017

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