Federal service of national guard troops of the Russian Federation (Regardie) were armed with special water-jet engineering obstacle clearing machine “Tornado”, which can be used for riot control, and improves it based on the experience of countering “color revolutions”. This was told at a briefing on topical issues of provision of Regardie Deputy Director of the power structure, the General-Lieutenant Sergey Erygin.

“We use many different techniques – Erygin told reporters. – And not only armored wheeled vehicles, but one that is needed for special tasks. As example, the special engineering obstacle clearing machine “Tornado”, where we have taken into account the experience of foreign colleagues to combat violators of public order” (quoted by RIA “Novosti”).

Obstacle clearing system includes water cannons, a special tool for raking obstacles and manipulator. The machine is the technique of the dual-purpose – it can be used for relief in emergencies.

However, as the Agency video News Service, yerygin pointed out that the development on the basis of the “Tornado” machine “Tornado-1″ took into account the experience of fighting “color revolutions”: “Now we have made a number of changes and working on the “Tornado-1″. Considered including the experience of colleagues in other States when using machines of this kind, for example to counter “color revolutions”.

According to Erigena, some models of Regardie become the corporate brands Department. For example, various modifications of armored cars “Tiger”, and a new armored car “Bear”, is able to put up a smokescreen, spraying extinguishing media to carry out radiochemical and exploration. Purchase “bears” will begin next year.

The journalists were shown the demo of crackdown an unauthorized rally

Erygin stressed that Regardie “develops not only wheeled equipment to carry personnel, but also for special tasks”.

As transfers “Interfax”, at the event in his division. Dzerzhinsky journalists were also shown a system of acoustic and speech influence “Horn” on the base of UAZ-31519.

From the speaker sounded harsh sounds, as well as the phrase “Your meeting is unauthorized. Request to disperse. In case of violation of public order is applied force and special means”.

Erygin noted that Asgardia will not buy tanks. “Heavy weapons we do not plan to return, there is the internal environment that determined the equipment of the troops of the National guard of such samples,” he said.

He noted that artillery weapons remained in the army of Regardie, for the most part in the North Caucasian Federal district. “In any case, it should be. To support the actions of special forces during operations in mountainous terrain,” said Erygin.

The troops of the national guard have already received modernized Kalashnikovs enter the army national guard. According to zamglavnogo forces Regardie, the modernization of the AK-74 is already a few years, he develops elements for a kit of special instruments and devices. “AK-74 with a deep modernization there is an additional handle to work the left-handed and right-handed, and plenty of other upgrades,” said Erygin.

Resguardo can provide you with a radar that detects people through walls breathing and heartbeat

Yesterday, the newspaper “Izvestia” reported on the upcoming weapons of Regardie the newest portable radar is staroviborny RO-900, is able to see people even through the thick walls.

Stanoviti developed by the group of companies “Logis-GEOTECH” is able to locate a moving person at a distance up to 21 m, while he sees through a few brick or concrete walls with a total thickness up to 60 cm It will allow soldiers of Regardie at a safe distance to detect the object to determine the movement route. People standing still, radar detects breathing.

The radar also detects repetitive motion with a small amplitude, with the expansion of the chest during a breath or a heartbeat. After 20 seconds of analysis of the obtained data, the radar displays information about the discovery of a crouched person on the display as a horizontal blue line.

The device is compact, weighs more than a kilogram and is similar to a walkie-talkie without the antenna. It is equipped with 3.5-inch color display that in real time displays the results of the radar exploration.

Stanoviti tested and comes of one of the Russian special services confirmed to the newspaper the head of the Department of media engineering intelligence of group of companies “Logis-GEOTECH” Igor Vedeneyev. Experts have called his help in fighting or counter-terrorism operations in the cities.

In April it was reported about developed for Regardie installation shooting non-lethal grenades, capable of 200 meters to shoot light and sound and smoke grenades as well as reset “trapping grid” on rioters.

Resguardo created by the decree of the President of the Russian Federation, the Western journalists once called “the Emperor’s personal army of Putin” to control the elite. The new structure has extended powers, including received the opportunity to participate “in the conduct of measures of information warfare”.

Resguardo arm to prevent future “color revolutions” 15.11.2016

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