After heavy rains the Express out of storm drains two buckets of carp, said on 17 may, the TV channel GTRK “Kuban”. A video of unusual fishing spread on the Internet.

According to the channel, on the street fabritsiusa man arranged a fishing trip near the manhole, and the fish literally jumped out of it on the road, had to collect them with a net. Thus, the Express scored two buckets carp. “Bite, bite”, joked the locals during the “fishing”, shot on video.

A little later, “Vesti Sochi”, told event details. It turned out that the fish fell into the ditch from a nearby artificial pond, arranged in place of the ravine in the 1990-ies and flooded in the heavy rains. The pond is 100 metres up the hill in the summer community. When constructing a pond gardeners have released multiple species of carp, said the TV channel.

The first unusual the situation was noticed by the staff of the nearby shops. Carp jumped out of storm drains under the wheels of passing cars, and residents began to save the fish, catching it with a butterfly net and immersing in a bucket together with water to create a moist environment.

According to an eyewitness Helena citizens “all day in the rain, stood under an umbrella and collected the fish.” Some were caught carp by hand.

In a few hours the residents scored three buckets of fish and then released it into the pond.

Who not only brings showers to the streets in late March it was reported that in North-Eastern Australia after the floods caused by heavy rains, the puddles showed up shark.

A week earlier, in the American town of Oldsmar (Florida) locals had to rescue stuck in the sewer crocodile longer than two meters and a half, passed to Fox News.

Residents caught with a net from storm drains three buckets carp (VIDEO) 18.05.2017

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