Residents of the village Bogolyubovo Vladimir region angered the intention of the local businesses run on the territory of the former brick factory manufacture of contraceptives. Believers are unhappy that on future batches. manufacturer will be forced to place the word “God”, referring to the place of manufacture of the goods. The local diocese cautiously reacted to the news about the imminent arrival in the village factory, which in the meantime will provide new jobs.

Residents of Bogolyubovo made up a letter, which oppose the construction of enterprise on production of contraceptives, said yesterday the local newspaper “the Call”. The message is addressed to the leadership of the country, Patriarch Kirill, the Governor of the Vladimir region, and also in office of public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation. By 21 November the document was supported by about 20 people. “We Express our strong protest against the launch of Bogolyubovo venture for the production of contraceptives, diapers and other articles of personal hygiene,” reads the letter.

According to believers, to Bogolyubovo – a Holy, sacred place that cannot be associated with the production of products to meet the sinful carnal needs. The letter’s authors are confident that one place may not be a “refuge of two opposite concepts: the birth of the Fatherland and to serve as a barrier to the birth of new life.” They also complain the neutral stance taken in the question of the emergence of a new production of the Vladimir diocese.

The scandal broke around the company “KIT” from Vladimir, is known primarily for production of medical masks, Shoe covers and caps. In April 2015, the company start production of condoms Torex premium. The company also produces a more affordable option for protection called “Gladiator”.

In October, the portal “Provladimir” reported that on the territory of the former brick plant in Bogolyubovo will launch a new enterprise – factory “Bergus”, the managing partner of which is General Director of the Vladimir company “KIT”. It was noted that the new facility early next year will launch a condom brand Torex and “Gladiator”, and also baby diapers under the brand “Lola” and Bandaids.

A few days later the Confessor of the public movement “For faith and Fatherland,” hieromonk Nikon (Levachev-Belavenets) Agency comments NSN expressed outrage at the construction of the enterprise. The priest recalled that near the former brick factory is the Holy Bogolyubovo convent, which the neighborhood with the “factory for the manufacture of products for carnal passions”, in his opinion, is absolutely unacceptable. “Factory for the production of these specific items to place near any temple or monastery objects, to put it mildly, very inappropriate,” said the father Nikon.

According to him, “Bogolyubovo monastery, of course, to oppose, to attract the attention of the authorities to this neighborhood.” “No wonder after all, we have drinking establishments is prohibited to place on the contrary the temples and orphanages. I think that in such spiritual places, worthless place and a factory to manufacture products for carnal passions,” said the priest.

Vladimir diocese: “What can be comments?”

While the official position of the Russian Orthodox Church was much more restrained. The Secretary of the Vladimir diocese for external Church relations Evgeniy Lipatov, commenting on the situation portal “Provladimir”, asked to consider the words of father Nikon “his personal opinion which he is entitled under the Constitution.”

The newspaper reminds that hieromonk Nikon is the spiritual father of the movement “Motorati for Christ”, is Advisor to the Director of the office of the head of the Russian Imperial house, and the well-known friendship with Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin and the leader of group “metal Corrosion” Sergei “Spider” Troitsky, the concerts of which even took part. The Nikon is not included in the circle of the officials of the ROC.

The subject of the neighborhood of the plant for the production of contraceptives and the monastery in the Church chose to finesse. Lipatov said that the diocese is not engaged in manufacturing enterprises. In his personal opinion, comments on this issue from the Church is unlikely. “Nothing to talk about, while the company has not opened even when and open trade, which may be comments?” – asked the press Secretary of Vladimir eparchy].

The indignant pensioner compares condoms drug

Meanwhile, some believers the news of the construction of a plant for the production of condoms is even more acute response than the Church. A resident of Bogolyubovo pensioner Svetlana Smirnova asked in NSN with the request to transfer to the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Cyril with the request of the Orthodox to prevent the opening in the settlement enterprise for the production of contraceptive products.

“I would ask our Patriarch to help us to solve this problem is to build such institutions, corrupting our youth! To banned to build a plant for the production of condoms in Bogolyubovo, on such a Holy place where Holy mother of God herself came to Andrew Bogoliubsky! So degraded that the plant created for the construction of a Church of Joachim and Anna, make a travesty!” – the woman is indignant.

A pensioner fears that due to the production of condoms will be abused the word “God.” “If the production of condoms, each of them will be written the word “God”! It’s just blasphemy!” – angry Smirnov.

Also female condoms compared with drugs in their effects on children. “If you give a child drugs, he will become an addict! If you give him condoms, it is, of course, want to try! That is, the contribution to the degradation of our children – our future!” – convinced local resident.

Smirnov also said that the villagers are preparing an appeal against the construction of the enterprise to the authorities. “We just found out about it and raised a wave of indignation, because people will be against it! We have already appealed to the regional media, writing letters to the authorities and collect signatures,” – said the interlocutor of NSN.

On the website of the Holy Bogolyubovo convent posted a photo of the document with signatures of residents of Bogolyubovo, opposing the construction of a plant for the production of condoms in the village. In available there comments suggest “to move this company away from sin”. “When the state has been fighting against abortion for the preservation of families and the imposition of moral values in the center of the Golden Ring, a hundred meters from the high school launching the production of condoms! As a challenge to both the government and the believers, and the Lord God,” says the author of the note.

The argument the author of the commentary cites historical information: “the Bolsheviks in the thirties wanted to rename the name of the village in “the Infidel.” Should grandparents risked their prisons and camps, then defended the village the Holy name? Or nothing, if the labels of condoms will be “made in Bogolyubovo”? All this shit is supposed to do in a former brick factory, organized before the revolution for the construction of temples Bogolyubsky. After all, the main monastery Cathedral, and parish Church of rightsabout. Joachim and Ann made from this brick.”

Moreover, in the group of “Typical Vladimir” the social network “Vkontakte” November 20, there was an anonymous post under the heading “hierarchy and condoms – are incompatible!”. The author urges send to the administration of the Vladimir region “the letters, telegrams and signatures against the construction in the hierarchy of a plant for the production of condoms”. Outraged user said: “would they, for a moment, to put such a plant in the Holy place or pilgrimage for Muslims! Yes, they would be instantly torn to pieces!”

The official representative of OOO “Bergus” said that while no formal complaints to the company in connection with the unfolding scandal have been reported, reports “Rumor 33″. “As for the anonymous appeals and petitions, as far as we know, they are not the official position of the diocese. The diocese has publicly stated that he is not going to interfere in the Affairs of the business. We believe this position is correct,” – said the representative of the company Roman com.

Also the management of the plant “Bergus” with reference to open sources recalled that “the ROC is quite comfortable with the use of contraception to protect against sexually transmitted diseases and for family planning.” “Plant “Bergus” continues the planned work on the implementation in the hierarchy of their production projects (production of diapers, band-AIDS and condoms), which contributes to the reduction of Russia’s dependence on foreign suppliers and also in the hierarchy the creation of new jobs and increased revenues in his budget”, – stated in the message of the company, which publishes the “Call.”

Residents of Bogolyubovo asked the Patriarch and the Prosecutor’s office to prevent the start of production of condoms in their village 22.11.2016

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