The farmers of Cyprus organized a protest against British soldiers, who cut down trees to clear a place for exercises. Come down to the fact that the enraged villagers were surrounded by 200 soldiers and their trucks and demanded to stop deforestation, reports the Famagusta Gazette. Located on the island of two British military bases.

The representative of the British army, Christian grey, told the AP that the incident ended peacefully. According to him, trees were cut down to improve visibility at the site and prepare for the teachings.

The leader of the local community of Thassos Angelhalo said that the villagers saw on the night of 20 October, as the soldiers cut down trees. They cut down approximately 0.4 hectares of eucalyptus forests. Residents felt that it is a violation of their rights and illegal destruction of wildlife.

According to CY Today, Thassos Angelhalo said that the military agreed to stop its actions till 10 Jan 2017. He intends to contact the local Department of the environment to initiate the test. According to him, this is not the first cutting, only destroyed seven hectares of forest. The villagers promised that they would continue to protect the forest.

Residents of Cyprus against British soldiers, who cut down the forest for training exercises 20.10.2016

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