Residents of the village of Cocora of the Altai Republic found medieval burial. As reported on the website of the regional administration, it was discovered a wooden sarcophagus, in which lay the ancient artifacts. Also in the Republic have found the remains of ancient iron furnaces.

The burial was discovered by two villagers in one of the rocky recesses. “Along with the man buried artifacts were found fragments of wooden shafts with iron tips in birch bark quiver, household items made from tree roots, remnants of silk ribbons and other items. Of great interest are the fragments of birch bark applied with the ornaments,” – said in a press release.

Objects fairly well preserved. “According to scientists, the relatively good preservation of artifacts was influenced by the dry climate, and that was buried in a wooden sarcophagus,” – said the press service. Scientists have suggested that the artifacts date back to the middle ages.

Findings were submitted to the Agency for cultural and historical heritage of the Altai Republic, which, in turn, gave them to the Museum village of Cocora.

Also, the administration of the Altai Republic reportedthat near the village Kosh-Agach were found the remains of the iron productions and quarries. Scientists found them while shooting a movie in preparation of activities for the inclusion of a number of archaeological monuments of the Pazyryk culture in the world heritage list of UNESCO.

Scientists are puzzled, what purpose used multi-ton, up to five or six meters stone slab, discovered during shooting. They note that “vertically mounted large steles” are 50-60 kilometers from the quarry.

“According to experts, (find. – Approx. indicates that in the middle ages in the Chui valley there was a major center of metallurgical production. This is already the fifth the remains of iron furnaces found in the Kosh-Agach district for the last two years,” – said in a press release.

Residents of the Altai discovered medieval wooden sarcophagus with ancient utensils and bark 25.10.2016

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