President Barack Obama on Friday, November 18, in Berlin to discuss with European leaders the issue of extending sanctions against Russia for interference in Ukraine and the possibility of new sanctions for the bombing in Syria, according to Reuters, citing several sources familiar with these plans.

Meeting organized by German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, will be attended by leaders of Britain, France, Italy and Spain.

After winning the election U.S. President Republican Donald trump, who repeatedly promised to seek reconciliation with Russia, has questioned the future of the American and European anti-Russian sanctions, imposed by Brussels and Washington in 2014.

European leaders expect from Obama, who trump, clarification on the future of sanctions. “We are in an extremely critical situation – Reuters said the German official. – You need to prevent the situation when EU will continue sanctions, and the new US President will come and take them”.

After meeting with trump, Obama tried to reassure the allies, a statement that the President-elect will maintain relations with the world, including with NATO countries, but European officials are afraid that Russia is using the time before the inauguration of the trump for new offensives in Syria and Ukraine.

According to two diplomatic sources the Agency, the Syrian issue will also be raised at the meeting in Berlin. “Syria will certainly be on the agenda,” said one source, referring to the renewed attacks of the Russian HQs in Syria, which before was condemned by Washington.

The leaders of the Syrian opposition needs to meet on Friday with EU leaders, including EU high representative for foreign Affairs Federica Mogherini.

Obama arrived in Berlin

As reported by CNN, in Berlin, Obama arrived on Wednesday evening, where he was met at the airport by the President of Germany, Joachim gauck. The official representative of the German government Steffen Seibert said that the first informal meeting with Merkel will be held tonight without the press.

This is the last stage of overseas tour policy as President of the United States, it was preceded by a visit to Greece, where the theme of anti-Russian sanctions was also raised. The us President discussed this issue in Athens with Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, defending the need to maintain restrictive measures. Obama’s visit to Greece was accompanied by a protest of local residents, which was attended by about three thousand people.

Anti-Russian sanctions were established by administrative decree their abolition does not require legislative initiatives. Bank Morgan Stanley estimated the probability of cancellation of sanctions of the USA against Russia after the election trump. According to diplomats, the EU may extend sanctions to his inauguration, so as not to exclude mitigation in the future.

According to the newspaper The Washington Post, representatives of the defense ministries of Europe and NATO warned the newly elected American President against rapprochement with Russia, asking them not to forget about the allies.

Obama and Merkel have identified common tasks for Germany and the United States: shaping globalization in line with our values

Barack Obama got together with Angela Merkel an article for the German weekly WirtschaftsWoche, which stated that Germany and the United States must deepen its cooperation in the era of globalization.

In the material indicates the close relationship of the two countries based on “common commitment to the freedom and dignity of citizens, as only this can guarantee a lively democracy in a legal state”.

Countries are responsible for the protection of a liberal way of life and have obligations to NATO to reinforce collective defence, to preserve the security of the transatlantic region as a whole.

“The Germans and the Americans should seize the opportunity to shape the process of globalization in accordance with our values and ideas. In the face of our companies, citizens and the international community as we seek to expand and deepen our cooperation”, says Obama and Merkel.

In the article particularly reads about the necessity to preserve the achievements in the negotiations on climate protection. Trump, who does not believe in climate change as a result of exposure of man, said about his skeptical attitude towards the problems of global warming and promised to reconsider conditions of participation of the United States at the Paris climate agreement, which the United States has signed and pledged to ratify.

In his opinion, the agreement harms the United States, especially because “other countries do not adhere to it.” “It does not adhere to and pollute the atmosphere,” claimed trump. In a joint article, Obama and Merkel emphasized that the partnership between the United States and Germany played an important role in reaching Paris climate agreement.

In the comments to this post, a German weekly said that the formulation of common goals and rhetoric of this article is the opposite thesis of “America first” and the set of promises, for which trump has built his campaign.

The United States and Germany was another common theme, not mentioned in the article. On the eve of the elections to the German Bundestag, the Federal office for the protection of the German Constitution have expressed concern about the possible intervention of Russia in the internal political process in Germany. During the presidential election campaign in the US, Moscow has repeatedly been accused of trying to influence the outcome of the vote and destabilize the country, and also to hack the computer system related to the elections.

Reuters: In Berlin, Obama will discuss with European leaders the extension and the introduction of new sanctions against Russia 17.11.2016

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