A former adviser to the U.S. President for national security Michael Flynn and other members of the electoral headquarters of the current us leader Donald trump was in contact with Russian officials and others linked with the Kremlin by persons at least 18 times in the last seven months of the presidential race of 2016. We are talking about calls and letters.

Reuters said current and former US officials familiar with the episodes of information exchange. According to the Agency, not previously reflects data on contacts are part of the report, which is now reviewed by the FBI and congressional investigating Russia’s intervention in the presidential elections in the United States and contacts between the representatives of the electoral headquarters of the trump and the Russian authorities.

Six of the previously mentioned contacts, reported Reuters, was a phone call between Russia’s Ambassador to the U.S. Sergei Kislyak and trump’s advisers, including Flynn, said three current and former officials.

Getting ready to leave the Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak was at the center of the scandal with Flynn?

Conversation between Flynn and Kislyak increased after the election on 8 November, when they discussed the creation of a feedback channel between trump and the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin to bypass the “bureaucracy of the national security of the United States, which both parties considered hostile to better relations”, said the four existing American officials.

However, Reuters sources stated that it did not see a violation or conspiracy between the team of trump and Russia are considered to date. However, revealed the facts can increase the pressure on trump and his assistants to provide the FBI and the Congress a full report on the interaction with Russian officials and others linked with the Kremlin faces during and immediately after the election of 2016.

18 calls and emails are dated from April to November 2016, that is when the hackers realized what the conclusion of us intelligence in January of 2017, was part of a Kremlin campaign to discredit the electoral process in the United States and influence the outcome of the elections to win trump over his rival Democrat Hillary Clinton.

The white house did not respond to a Reuters request for comment. Lawyer Flynn declined to comment on the report of the Agency. The official representative of Russian foreign Ministry in Moscow did not comment and referred Reuters to the administration trump. Press Secretary of the Russian Embassy in Washington said: “We do not comment on our daily contacts with local interlocutors”.

In early April, the Washington Post reported on the attempt to organize an informal channel of communication between trump and Putin before his inauguration billionaire. As wrote the edition, to this end, the United Arab Emirates 11 Jan organized a meeting of the founder of the us private security company Blackwater Erik Prince is connected with advisers trump, with the Russians close to the President of the Russian Federation.

Reuters learned of 18 previously unknown contacts associates trump with the Russian authorities 18.05.2017

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